Written by Roger Mee

8 Sep 2006

This is a recent true story.

I am 35 and my wife, Sarah is 30. She is a size 14, 36D with long blonde hair and a very pretty face. She is about 5 ft 8.

Our sex life has always been really good, but really private. Whilst REALLY drunk a couple of weeks ago, I let slip that the idea of other men seeing her body really turned me on. She was a bit shocked, but asked me to tell her more. As I was telling her, she wanked me off gently, and nothing more was said.

A few days later, Sarah called me up to the bedroom. She was lying on the bed wearing just a red baby-doll nightie. She looked amazing. "Go and get the digital camera", she said. We then proceeded to take about fifty photos of my wife. Some didn't show much, others showed her great boobs, the strongest ones showed her spreading her legs wide and inserting a finger into her bright pink pussy. I wanted to fuck her there and then, but she asked me to get dressed and go and start the computer.

We printed out 12 of the best pictures. Then Sarah revealed her idea... We were going to go to our local newsagent, she would speak to the owner to distract him and I would slip the printed photos into 12 seperate adult magazines.

When we came out, I couldn't believe what we had done. All the photos showed my wife's face clearly, and some showed the detail of her pussy as well. I felt a bit sick, (and still do whilst writing this) but VERY turned on. Sarah said she was surprised how much it had turned her on, and she would see what to do next, perhaps put her mobile no. on the back?

I think she was joking, but I'm not sure. My ultimate fantasy is for her to humiliate me by having sex with another man. The idea scares and excites me.