Written by ChrisD

12 Jun 2006

So here’s the first update about my wife’s four days away with her dentist. You can look up the previous psots by putting dentist in the search box.

I’ve spoken to her a few times and she’s texted me quite frequently. They haven’t had great weather, but she was sent to be a slut, not to enjoy the weather. This is the first time we’ve tried something like this, and it’s been magic. As I’ve said before I’m not into being a cuckold, but putting your wife in the hands of another man and sending her 1,00kms away is quite an experience.

It turns out the guy has a huge cock, around the same length as mine, but twice as thick. Grace has found it quite hard to take. The first message from me asked if she was still a virgin, the morning after the first night. No, she replied. Has he licked your arsehole yet, I asked, loads, with his tongue right in, she replied. She’d been sent by me with a list of around 19 tasks, most with asterisks which meant they were obligatory. They included letting him come in her mouth, doing a striptease in front of him and finishing by putting her cunt on his face. She’s done all these, and others she’ll tell me about tonight when she returns. She hasn’t managed to take him in her arse, which I hadn’t written, as he’s just to big.

I asked if he’s seen her pissing in the bathroom. She told me she’d let him see her piss by the roadside on the way home from the restaurant, and it’d driven him wild. I told her to piss on him in the shower, and she did 5 minutes later, pushing him onto his knees and making him drink most of it. I thought that might be it for that morning, as he’d already fucked her, but after breakfast she dragged him up to the room and sucked him off until he came ‘from her cunt to her throat’ as she wrote.

She has found it hard to get his huge cock in her beautiful mouth, and she takes him doggy style as it’s easier for her to take him that way. As instructed she’s keeping full condoms for us to play with when she returns. Her latest instruction this morning is to give him a blow job just before he drops her off at hoe. She has to then spit the cum into a condom and come into the house where I’ll be waiting. She’ll roll the condom onto me and make me lick her freshly used cunt while she tells me what she’s been doing and I wank in his cum. This is all so rude and exciting we can’t believe we’re doing it!

Chris D