Written by Nick and Gladys

14 Dec 2003

Gladys loves cock and the more the merrier. One time we arranged for two of my wifes favourite cocks to visit on the same day. She dressed in her French maids outfit which consisted of fishnet hold up stockings, a wispy white see-through thong and lacy apron.

When Bob and Steve knocked at the door this is how she answered. She led them into the lounge and slowly poured them a drink. I all the time stayed in the background. As she served the drinks Bob asked her to sit on his lap which she readily obliged. He started to caress her tits which seemed to spur Steve into action and he parted her legs and started to finger her pussy. They then lay her on the settee and stood, both getting their cocks out. Both were rock hard and Gladys seized upon them licking both cocks at the same time. As she licked Bob's cock Steve went behind her and quite forcefully shoved his cock into her pussy. Every thrust seemed to make her moan louder. After a short while they swapped positions and she sat on Bob's cock. I by now could not control myself and furiously wanked my dick until I came and fed it into Gladys' mouth while she rode Bob's length.

Gladys then lay on the floor and screamed cum boys cum, and more or less together both their cocks spurted over her tits as she squeezed them together. Gladys came really strongly and it seemed to take an age to wipe the smile of her face. Hope you liked this tale and would love to hear from anyone especially sexy people with no inhibitions