Written by dd

12 Jan 2006

I should have known. He had lost interest in sex. I thought that was us just getting older, but I didn't think the menopause started at 35. All the classical signs were there. He was late in from work almost every night. He became secretive. He was always getting messages from his 'mates'. Sometimes he even smelled of perfume. But you never think it will happen to you. Dumped.

The only thing you can do is get pissed. All magazines, reader's polls and even common sense tell you that you should not drink alone. What are pals for? In any case it was Friday night and I lived in the West End. Getting pissed with your pals couldn't be simpler. Wrong. I was told countless tales of little this and little that and it wasn't the size of their man's penis. I had one true pal, Janine. She had no kids and her boyfriend was an incredible asshole. She was my ideal companion.

We went out on the town. We got pissed and propositioned. We had a great time. We were indestructable and didn't want it to end. I had a bottle of wine in my fridge. We went back to mine.

That's when I started crying. Janine isn't like me. She is one of those touchy/feely types. She started crying as well. Then she started hugging me, while we both cryed. Then she began to kiss my neck. Little pecks. At first it was ok, but then I got uncomfortable with it. I moved away from her. I sat on a chair facing her.

Her hair was everywhere and she was sobbing in the way you see kids do. I felt such an ass and so sorry, I went to hug her. She wouldn't let me. Then she relented. I started to kiss her neck in the way that she had kissed mine. She let me. Then she turned and brushed my lips with hers.

We kissed tentaively. I liked the taste of her lipstick. We began snogging like two adolescents, with full tongue on tongue and salivia everywhere. It had been a very long time since I had been kissed like that.

One of the problems was although she was smaller she had bigger breasts so we were also kind of wrestling. The aureloes around my nipples were swollen and my nipples were like little fingers. But it was still a shock when she started to outline my breasts with her hands. She felt for my nipples first with her fingers, then with her tongue. I wanted her to stop. I really did. But it felt so good. She was making slow concentric cirles around the nipples before putting them in her mouth. We both had our bras off at this stage. Her breasts were bigger than I thought. We were snogging again. Her skin was softer than any mans. I felt her breasts. She was that sensitive she flinched when I touched her nipples. I pushed them together. I began to lick them furiously.