Written by Harry_22

23 Oct 2007

Can there be anything better to do after having a piss at the service station than having your cock sucked through a hole in the wall? Anonymous cock has got to be the best and you don’t get much more anonymous than only ever knowing the member itself!

I love spunking through a gloryhole, but not as much as I like sucking through it. Last time I got any action was just after the new year (and too long ago in my opinion!). I was feeling horny and decided to go out especially to suck some dick.

M5 Northbound didn’t leave me wanting. I had been in there only a minute when the first cock was poking through – he seemed reluctant and so I offered a better invite than the usual inviting finger to draw him closer: I looked through and saw him stroking his semi hard cock and knew I wanted it in my mouth, so I leant forward and put my mouth by the hole and poked my tongue through. Next thing, I had a nice hard cock in my gob. I sucked him hard into my mouth drawing out a delicious come taste and then holding him in my hand I lapped on the underside of his helmet as lovely bead of come oozed out for me to lick up. I wanked his shaft and took his head in my mouth. I felt him hardening even more and then took my hand away, plunging myself on and off him. He was hard as a rock as I pursed my lips firmly around his shaft as my mouth slid back and forth and then it pulsed and I tasted his hot come squirting in my mouth. I am not a swallower, but took him it all in my mouth, imagining how I must look like a porn slut, opening my mouth to lap the last drop off his cock with my tongue. Without a word and hardly a noise, he pulled back through and I spat his load into the toilet. His belt buckle clinked and then he zipped and I heard the door shut behind him.

Within a minute the next guy was there and he wasted no time putting his cock through and I wasted no time sucking on it. He wasn’t as long as the first guy, maybe 6 inches this time, but he was much thicker and he was rock hard. He was also pierced and although it did nothing for me, it was interesting to feel that his shaft and head were easily as hard as the metal bar through it! This guy came quite quickly, which was a shame as I would have liked to have spent some time on his thick dick. His first burst caught me by surprise; I was looking at his gorgeous cock and just about to put it back in my mouth when it went off and shot a line of thick come to the back of my throat. I coughed slightly as his shaft re-entered me and was rewarded with a real tasty load.

Again he left pretty quickly and my heart leapt as I heard what sounded like a scuffle outside. Tucking my own raging hard on into my pants I thought I would take my leave. I waited in my car for about 10 minutes until, desperate to get my own rocks off, I couldn’t bear rubbing my hard on through my trousers any more. I went back to the cubicle, but the one I was previously in was busy; going to the next one there was a confident finger beckoning me towards it. I unzipped and pulled my cock out, putting it straight through the hole. I hungry mouth welcomed me in and after a couple of sucks I was pumping my own spunk.

We need more Glory Holes!