Written by petethechef

19 Jun 2006

We'd been e mailing each other for months and finally we met up. We met in a bar, me with my friend and her likewise. We couldn’t keep our hands of each other all night, I was gagging to get my cock between those luscious lips. Alas tonight it wasn’t meant to be. We parted for a couple of days as she had urgent business to attend too, but soon the meeting came about. It was late at night as I’d had to attend a dinner. I caught a taxi to her friend’s house; dressed still in my suit it had just turned 12 when I met her at the front door. She got in the taxi and we drove straight back to mine. We didn’t waste any time as she litere my suit from my back. I undressed her and took her from behind as she scrambled from her clothes. She started to take off her boots that had already got my blood boiling. As she did so her pert arse raised itself higher, and I was able to enter her deeper, she gave a little sigh as I hit rock bottom. I fucked her as hard as I could not wanting to waste this long awaited moment. I was soon coming inside her as she gently massaged my balls underneath. We both fell apart, exhausted but still wanting more. We moved to the bed where we began to explore each others mouths with our tongues. She prompted me to fuck her arsehole. Slowly I entered her as I looked into her eyes to see pure pleasure across her face. I started to raised the tempo a little as her arse started to relax and accommodate my cock more and more. I was soon fully embedded in her arsehole and she loved every inch.

I then moved her into the doggy position, so I could play with her clit whilst I fucked her good and hard. She was starting to buck backwards wanting me to go deeper and deeper, hitting the spot. Again she reaches for her ankles and raised her arse higher for me to fuck. I fucked her for all my worth, ensuring that her tits and clit got all the attention they deserved. I couldn’t hold out any longer and emptied my cum deep into her arsehole. She fell onto the bed totally satisfied with a grin like a Cheshire cat.

She then order me to lie on the bed as she took my cock into her mouth and teased me back to a raging hard on. She licks the back of my balls all the way down to my arsehole, teasing me all the way. I thought my cock was going to burst as I not long since cum. She teased and played with my cock and balls, wanting to feast herself, bringing me to the edge and then slowing down to stop me coming. My bald balls and cock where getting the blow job of a life time, for at least 45 minutes she took my cock deep into her mouth and licked for all she was worth. She then sat back and ordered me to play with my cock whilst she watched. This really sent me over the edge, and I was soon building up to coming again. She kept telling me not to waste my load and to shoot it deep into her throat. I dually obliged, and she lapped up every last drop. She then proceeded to suck and lick my cock again for all she was worth. I couldn’t take anymore and we both fell onto the bed very satisfied. Cant wait for round two.