Written by osprey1

15 Nov 2003

In my teens there were many opportunities to be a voyeur and watch couples in

action in the countryside. As lads this was how we learned that nearly everyone did 'it'

regularly and it yielded enjoyment out of this world. Two of my friends about 18 or so were out rabbit shooting


day with a .410 shotgun. They were creeping quietly in a large private copse near a


road when they heard the unmistakeable sounds of a woman coming. They got near

enough to see who it was - the mother of one of our schoolfriends. She was a big lady

in her 40's - hips at least 42 and tits to match - at least 40DD. Always looked sexy


a coy smile. She was 'making out' very vigorously with a bus driver friend of hers

(and also of her husband) who she obviously could not entertain in that way at home!

The lads crept up as close as they dared without being identified and then let the gun

off and ran!! Apparently the couple nearly jumped out of their skins and jumped up -

forgetting what they were doing and that they had nothing on from the waist down.