Written by outforfun

22 Oct 2006

Just a little tale of what I got up to last week while working in Nottingham.

After an uneventful day of first aid refreshment I decided to visit Haywood woods to see if I could find any dogging action. After about 45 min of no action I decided to move on and head home. I just thought on the off chance I would visit Blidworth on the way home. I was glad I did, I had been hoping to find a couple to watch but being orally bi I would be flexible.

I arrived just as it seemed a couple were leaving and two single guys were making themselves decent. Damm!!! I jumped out of the car for a fag as we aren’t supposed to smoke in company cars. I wandered around smoking and a car pulled up and a single early 40s man got out and walked into the woods, a minute or so later he returned looked about and headed into the woods again. I walked into the woods a short way, he saw me and gestured into the woods. I walked just off the track into the trees. I followed at a distance, he stopped by a tree and I caught up. “afternoon” we both said at the same time, we both glanced about and he began to undo his fly.

His cock was swelling but not yet hard, I bowed down and took it into my mouth. He moaned in approval. It was a nice thickness with a pointed head, I am not into anal but if I was it would be a nice ring breaker I think. I enjoyed savouring his cock and tonguing his balls. I tried to take him deep in my throat and clenched at his arse. I sucked on it for about 10 minutes before he said to slow down as he would cum. I said I did not mind and wanted to taste him. He said if he did it would spoil the rest of his evening and he had plans to meet someone else. Damm again!!! So I slowly tongued him for a few more minutes he tidied up and we exited the woods. He has told me of a very active man on man area nearby so maybe next time I will visit there as well.

I hope my tale has stiffened a few cocks and wetted a few appetites.

Till next time