Written by Angie

29 Sep 2003

At my local sex shop I found a thick 8 inch back dildo that you can screw onto your car lever in place of the existing knob. It ia a great conversation piece, and also has a practical purpose. One warm summers day I drove to a secluded spot, and with the gears in neutral and the engine still running, I removed my grey cotton panties, and impaled pussy on the dildo. The sensation with the vibration of the engine was amazing, and soon I was well away, when I saw I was being watched. He was fair haired early 20's and she was a drop dead gorgious ash blonde with thigh boots and a micro skirt, in her mid 40's. They obviously wanted to know what I was up to, so, ever the exhibitionist, I lifted my skirt to show them the action.

This sent them wild, and he forced her face first across my car bonnet, and lifted her skirt. She was wearing black stockings, suspenders and lace panties. The latter were ripped from her to reveal a pair of chubby, creamy white buttocks. The lad took a tube of ky gel from his pocket, and lowered his trousers and pants to reveal a manhood very similar in size to my dildo. He creamed gel along its length, and with a dollop of gel on 2 fingers, pushed between her bum cheeks and up her tight little hole.

She must have liked it rough, because without any foreplay he rammed his cock inside her and started to pump as hard as he could. She uttered low groans of pleasure at every stroke, and looked across to me triumphantly as if to say 'I bet you couldn't take something this big'.

Ever one for a challenge, I raised myself off the dildo. Although I had no gel, I figured that the dildo was already slippery with my juices. I lowered myself again, this time onto my rear love hole. It was very tight at first, and I had to overcome the pain of something so big entering me, but by rocking up and down and relaxing my muscles I had soon fed 3 inches inside me. Being brave I then sat down with some force, and the dildo slide right inside, and I felt the wonderful vibration of the engine deep inside me.

She was twitching and in the throes of a multiple orgasm, and he was pumping faster, and finally shot his creamy load deep into her. After a while he withdrew and wiped his wilting member on her discarded panties.

He then sat her on the car bonnet and raised her skirt. I gasped in amazement, for what I had assumed was a gorgeous woman, was infact a gorgeous tv complete with heavy balls and a fully functional cock. He bent forward and took her in his mouth, working his head up and down furiously, wanking her with his mouth, and deep-throating her on the down stroke.

I suddenly had a need to pee, and I picked up my panties, held them close to me, and peed into them so that they absorbed most of the liquid. She saw me peeing and this caused her to immediately shoot her load into his mouth. He swallowed most of it, but the bit that was dribbling down his chin was licked off by his tv lover.

He came over to the car and pointed to my panties. I realised he needed them, and rolling down the window passed them to him. He made his tv friend sit at his feet and hold her head back. He then proceeded to squeeze my juicy cocktail into her open mouth and she drank it down greedily. He then made her put my damp panties on, and they left.

It took me some time to raise myself off the dildo, and when I did I saw it was in quite a state. Her torn and dirty panties were still on my car bonnet, so I reached out for them, and wiped the dildo clean. I took a mirror from my handbacg, and inspected the damage to my rear love hole. It was red raw and dilated by about an inch. Sitting back down gingerly on the drivers seat, I engaged first gear, and made my way home. Love Angie xxxxx eversonicereally@aol.com