Written by gina & joe

7 Feb 2004

Tonight my girlfriend and i have just had are first dogging show.We were in the birdlip carpark just taking in the view and having a kiss and cuddle,when we noticed 2 guys watching us through the windows,Gina was turned on by this and i said would you like to suck ther cocks? she said yes so we opened the door and gina started to wank and suck there cocks, all of us were turned on by this so i suggested we went to the carpark up the road, the two guys followed us and we pulled into what we thought was a quiet spot! Gina started to frig herself while the guys were looking in the door was open and she took a cock into her mouth, i was egging her on and said why don`t you go round the back of the car and let them fuck you? Gina looked at me and said are you sure,i said look at the effect it has on my cock which was rock hard, gina took her panties off and left her knee lenght boots and short skirt on she undid her bra and got her tits out and went round the back of the car she was leaning on the boot with her legs spread and the two guys were groping her when another 3 guys turned up, without a word being said one of these guys just unzipped his flys and entered Gina bareback and fucked her hard until she came! he unloaded and she was taken again until he to unloaded into her cunt,by now ther was Q waiting behind her while they took turns in fucking her all bareback she was being roughly fondled around her tits and was sucking cock as well it was a really horny sight watching these complete strangers fucking my girlfriend. We were there for about an hour and a quater in which time Gina was fucked by eleven different guys and some of them had seconds while i watched and wanked, We have just got home and Gina is waiting in the bedroom with her spunk filled cunt dripping cum onto the duvet,she has spunk in her hair and over her tits and looks like a complete slut,she has said that she wants to do it again soon as the thought of being fucked by strangers turns her on, some of the cum has run down her legs and into the boots ahe is wearing talk about cum slut! well im off to have my turn with her now as i am really looking forward to fucking her sperm filled cunt!!!!!! This is a true account of what happened tonight and we will be dogging again very soon.