Written by Colin & Lyne

10 Mar 2004

I am a guy and had been visiting this web site for quite a while and was becoming a little dispondent as the only replies I had recieved were from picture collectors and fools with the exception of one or two.

One of these was from a lady who was very laid back almosts to the point where it semed as if she wasnt keen at all and the emails remained very clean (we will call her E) but there was something about E that made me persist in my efforts to meet her, her emails would come in small flurries then I would hear nothing for a couple of weeks then she would be back again.

Anyway after a lot of hard work we finaly set up a date and a time to meet, we both live in the same town in Kent so that made things easy, it was arranged that I would call at her house at 8.00pm and we would go for a drink. I admit to knocking on the door with my stomach churning and when she opened the door I was quiet pleasantly suprised, she was attractive with nice tits and about a size 14/16 body.

We went for the drink and then came home and did the usual small talk thing but it wasnt long before we were tearing each others cloths off and she was sucking my ciock as if it was going out of fashion, I of course recipricated and ate her pussy as if it was thelast wish before I died and was delighted when she came on my tongue (always a good start) we fucked like a couple of animals and did everything possible formacoupl to do and when I left we arranged another meeting.

This time we fucked on camera while some guys were whatching and wanking, this brought out a side of me that I never knew existed and I fucked her so hard and deep that I thought I would hurt her (listen to me, big boy or what) the only time that our fucking would stop is when she would break off to get on her knees and suck me just for all these guys to see.

Eventualy I came about two buckets as I has been stopping myself for ages. We have now arranged to go to a swingers couple night this comming Saturday, I will let you know how it goes. If anybody else would like some then let me know but you have to have a big cock