Written by lisales

12 Nov 2010

Hi all,true story of myself and my submissive gf from worthing,i visited her last thursday(4th nov 2010)and went straight to gap.After driving back and forth for about half hour without any success in catching any guys eye we parked up.We started playing in front of car,just kissing,then a 4x4 pulled up behind us,could see in rear view mirror he was looking at us!so we started to get bit hotter,she had black dress on,little french knickers,,black holds up,so i got her to step out of car and go to back and open boot,she did as she was told,when she had boot open i told her to bend over and touch herself so the guy cud see,which she did willingly!then she slowly took her knickers off right there in front of him,shud have seen his face!then she got back in passenger seat of our car,i told her to leave door open,she started playing with her pussy and i sawa the guy get out of his car and slowly walk towards open passenger door,when he got to us i said hi and invited him to touch her which he did straigh away!as he was playing with her another car pulled up in front so we stopped quickly,it was another guy,once he saw what was going on he reversed right up to our car,so it was safe and unseen from main road.he also came over to her,and they both started to push fingers inside her,she absolutely loved it!then i asked both guys if they wanted her to suck their cocks,in seconds their cocks wer out lol!she sucked them both,i told the guys to be rough with her mouth so in turn they held back of her head and really forced it.both guys ended up shooting over her face and black lacy top!