Written by Digsy.

14 Nov 2006

Recently i was working in a church yard early one morning, when i noticed a well dressed man with a women. Not unusual i thought at first, but then i noticed how sexy she was looking. Dressed in boots and a short srikt and jacket. When she noticed me she gave me a real sexy look over her shoulder and they walked back up to the carpark. Shit i thought i've just blown seeing seeing something going on. But wait instead of leaving, like i thought they were, they turn and head down towards a wooded area next to the church area. Curiosity had got the better of me now so i had to follow them. As i got a small hedge row i see excitedly running hand in hand to the bottom of the field into the wooded area. I quickly followed but out of sight to the wooded area, but they had disapeared. Shit they can't have gone far i thought scouting around. Sure enough just to my right i found them not 10 yards away. Not wasting anytime there she was bent over clinging onto a tree with her skirt flipped up over her back and her little white panties round her knees whilst the guy in a suit fucked her vigoursly. Within a couple of minutes he shot his load, with that she turned around and crouched down in front of him to suck his cock clean. What a girl, still can't get her out of my mind.