Written by Dave

12 Jun 2006

Genuine story here folks.my wife michelle and her friend carol went out last week in shrewsbury and around midnight i picked them up.They had both had a few and i was suprised that carol got in the front seat.After asking how the night went carol then asked michelle if she could feel my cock.it got hard almost immediatly and this was totally unexpected as michelle has been to a couple of swing clubs but is not into swinging full time.Anyhow i jokingly suggested that we find a lay-by and we did by sundorne.well i did not expect to do what i did.The girls stripped to there underware both in black bras panties and suspenders.Together they stripped me and took it in turns to deep throat me.This went on for seven or eight minutes and they said theres no shagging as carols hubby expected her home.Back and forth between each mouth,but i was determined to judge it that carol would get all the cream.I asked michelle to lie on the grass on her back i then squatted on her face so she could get my balls in her mouth.I then told carol to lie flat on her front with her chin placed just behind michelles head.This meant that with michelle sucking my balls that my dick was perfectly placed in carols mouth.They were honestly giggling like naughty schoolgirls.I then motioned back and forth with michelle biting my balls and my 8 incher going at least 6 inches into carols mouth.Two minutes later it was all over i gushed my load into carols mouth and the overspill went onto michelles face.They were giggling and pushing there tongues into each others mouths somthing that michelle has always said she would never do.Well she has now the dirty twat,and she loved it.Just then carols phone went it was her chap Steve,asking where she was.We had to get the bits of straw etc of her body and make sure she had no spunk in her hair otherwise he would obviously go ballistic.I dropped her home and next day asked them both for a repeat performance,embarisingly they said it was all down to drink.Erm there both out again next Thursday,and guess whos volunteered taxi duty,