Written by España vida.

19 Jun 2006

Jo had worked in my shop for a short while after leaving full time education. A pretty girl long dark brown hair

and with a rounded figure. As she tidied under the counter her top road-up to expose a black thong. I watched a while before sliding a finger inside the band and giving it a tweak. Now I was over fifty and felt a little stupid expecting a sharp rebuke. Jo rather saucilly just said 'naughty!' and laughed. I told her the knickers I'd experienced pulling down were never that flimsy. The conversation carried on with me saying that it couldn't be that comfortable with just a cord between her legs.

One thing led to another my prick was harder than it had been for years and Jo seemed to be enjoying teasing me and was getting a bit randy herself. She took the lead telling me if I promised not to touch she'd give me a good look at her thong. I put a closed sign up and dropped the door latch. Jo had gone into the stock room and I followed.

She turned to face me undid her zip and dropped her jeans to her ankles. For a couple of years I'd watched her pass in short dark skirt white blouse and tie, never did I think she would be standing in front of me holding her top up to show me her thong. I told her that she'd be more comfortable taking her blouse off and I'd really like to see her bra and thong together. 'Remember no touching' she said, the top came off to expose a black bra bulging with beautiful white tit. I stepped towards her and ran a hand over her tits and down to her mound, I could feel her bush beneath the small triangle of material, again she said 'naughty, I told you no touching' My fingers probed between her legs, the thong came off as she stepped out of her jeans.

We were soon on the floor and with my prick up inside her she confessed to several lads over the field after school and a bloke that took her in the back seat of his car. I listened and shagged her till I came up her. She told me that none of them had ever used a condom and guessed she'd been plain lucky.I told her it was alright I'd had the snip.

At the end of the month and every month I put something

extra in her paypacket. Six months on I sold up and moved to my villa in Spain. Jo came with me supposedly as a house keeper. I had an arrangement with her she'd sleep with me but being young she could have a relatively free life as long as she returned to my bed. She went to late disco's met locals and tourists letting them fuck her when she felt like, then returned to tell me all about her night with them, usually with a dribbly quim as evidence.It was a good life.

I had no intention of holding her to anything and as must happen she met a lad and went off to live with him we are still the best of friends.