Written by Julie

14 Apr 2004

Iam a little embarassed and excited to be relating what happened to me on the crowded train. It was one of those days where all the seats were full and intypical rail fashion everyone was jammed together in the corridors of the train.Iam a respectable and happily married woman of 35. I have a decent figure and dress to accentuate my best bits. As the train jerked its way along people were naturally pushed against each other by the motion. About 10 minutes into the journey I was aware of a constant pressure on my bum. I realised I was being craftily groped by someone standing behind me but what should I do about it. I tried to pretend it wasn't happening and the hand got braver feeling my bum quite definately now. I tried to move around to see who was doing it and my eyes fell on this young black guy of about 18.I have to admit he was nice looking. He smiled at me as I caught his gaze and I turned away. The pressure returned with the hand moving lower to gain access under my skirt. I looked around the carriage and everyone was staring straight ahead. I know I shouldn't have done but I parted my legs slightly and the hand came right up to rub me. I managed to turn around and face the young guy but looked out of the window over his shoulder. He wore an open coat which was hiding his hands from other passengers as he returned to groping me under my skirt. I was feeling quite excited and flushed when his hand closed around mine and guided it under his coat. I felt my hand brush his cock and then closed my hand around it. It was certainly a large and hard one. I carerssed it gently running my hand up and down its length careful that no one could see. His hand had returned to the open button of my skirt. I suppose this went on for 5 minutes before I realised how crazy it was and the consequences of being caught. I moved away from him as far as I could and he seemed to get the message and left me alone. The next stop was my station and I struggled to get off the busy train only to find him next to me on the platform. He smiled again and quietly asked if I would like to have a little fun. I was amazed. There was I an attractive woman being propositioned on a railway platform by a young kid. I smiled weakly at him and began to walk towards the exit all the time feeling excited and flattered that someone so young would want to have fun with me.It was dark outside the station and he had followed me out but keeping a non threatening distance as I made my way to my car. He changed direction and went towards some locked up pedal cycles. The correct thing to have done would have been to drive off but I was so excited that I just sat in the car for a minute wondering how sex would be with someone so young and well endowed. He spotted my indecision and slowly walked across to the car. He asked if he could get in and I nodded without replying. Iput the car in gear and drove to a secluded country lane switching off the engine.

Jason I later found he was called leaned over and began to caress my breasts opening my blouse and unclipping my bra. His black fingers closed over my nipples teasing them hard and then he reached up and with some help from me sliped my panties off. I unzipped him anf undid his belt then suggested we move onto the back seat. I took his cock in my hand and gazed at it. It was certainly bigger than my husbands and had a soft silky feel to it. I leaned forward and took the thick tip in my mouth my hands runing to his large heavy balls. His hands were questing everywhere and then his face was between my thighs and his tongue teasing my clitty.I came almost at once. Jasonreached inhis pocket and produced a condom which he slid over his hard thick cock. I laid back as he began to penetrate me gently. It felt huge stretching me wide as he went deeper until his balls were touching me. He made long slow strokes his hands alternating between my bum and boobs. He began to speed up as I climaxed time after time then with a grunt he came. I felt him throbbing inside me as he jetted and heaved efore lying still. Slowly he withdrew keeping hold of the condom. I felt relaxed and a little ashamed of what I had just done.

Jason and I both dressed and moved back into the front of the car. We smoked a cigarette and he told me that he had never done anything like that before. He told me he lived with his girlfriend on the other side of town. As I ran him back to the station he wrote his mobile number down and said that if I wanted to repeat the experience just to call him. I smiled and said Perhaps as we parted.