Written by Peter

24 Feb 2005

A few years ago I popped into the local hairdressers and asked if anyone could fit me in for a cut and the young girl behind the counter said there were no appointments left,but then she told me to hold on and walked into a room and returned with a gorgeous looking black girl around 18/19 who introduced herself as Kim and led me over to the sink and I watched as her bum moved from side to side in the short tight white miniskirt and sat down.She poistioned me over the sink and she started to pour the water on my hair and ran her hands through it and I had a good view down her top and she made no attempt to stop me looking at her bare tits and kept rubbing them against my shoulder and my cock was soon straining and I decided to close my eyes and try and think of something else and luckily it helped my cock reduce and soon I ws being led over to a chair and she removed the towel and pressed her tits against the back of my head and asked me what I wanted and I cleared my throat and just told her to do what she wanted and she went off to find the hair clippers and my eyes were fixed on her bum and when she bent down to pick up a comb I got a great view of her red panties and I quickly looked elsewhere as she returned and she then started asking questions about weather,holidays,girlfriend etc.As she was cutting my hair I was agian given plenty of time to oggle her beautiful body and I knew she liked the atention and eventually we were the only ones left in the salon and when she had finished I paid her and went to leave and she told me to wait a minute.Shge went over to the door locked it and led me into an office in the back and she pushed me onto a leather sofa and straddled my lap and pressed her lips firmly on mine and she was kissing me hard and my hands went up the inside of her top and I squeezed her erect nipples and she let out a moan and threw her head back as I lifted her top off to reveal two darl cocloured niples and I suckled each one in turn and then she stood up and let her skirt drop to the floor and she bent over the sofa and pulled her damp panties to oneside and part her pussylips and I dived in and licked away and I soon felt her clit come out to play so I nibbled on it and felt her gasp and then I inserted a couple of fingers in hside her pussy and tarted to finger fuck her and enjoyed her moans of pleasure.I then undressed and rubbed my hard cock against her entrance and as she was so wet it slid in so easily we were soon fucking like rabbits and she was swearing like a trooper as I grabbed her tits and pulled hard on her nipples I knew I would come soon and asked her where she wanted it and she just carried on swearing and urgiung me on so I grabbed her arse cheeks and pumped my spunk into her black pussy and carried on fucking her until my balls were completely drained.I got off her and sat next to her as she lay there with her legs open fingering her pussy as my spunk trickeld out from between her legs and I saw the clock and told her I had to go.She grabbed a robe and put it on and went to get me a piece of paper and on it was her mobile.She told me to ring sometime as she wanted a repeat performance and so did I.I met her on and off for two years before she moved to Manchester,but I was glad I managed to get fitted in at short notice.