Written by Drew 07766 483020

13 Oct 2003

Whilst serving in the army in Germany in 1989 i was knocking around with a local woman from Hamburg. I was 20 at the time and she was 39. She was a member of a local swingers group and not long after we met she TOLD me that we were going to attend a party in one of the members houses. Being young and full of spunk (in so many ways lol) i was well up for it. We arrived about 10:30pm and the party, excuse the pun, was going with a swing by then.

By the door of the main room a sort of swing seat was set up and upon this device was a spread eagled fat woman who was easily pushing 50. She was smoking a cigarette and my woman explained that it was custom within their group for the men arriving to releave themselves of their first load into this woman so that later on they wouldn't go off on a hair trigger so to speak.

Looking at the fat womans vagina i could see that it was absolutely swamped with spunk dribbling out of her gapping twat and pooling in the crease of her arse. My woman started fondling me to get me hard and then led me by the cock over to between the fat womans legs. Sticking my dick into that was like dipping it into luke warm tapiocca pudding. My woman threw a leg over the fat womans face and whilst i pumped her spunk soaked twat my woman face fucked the old fatty to give me a visual encouragement. It worked too and after about 5 mins i added my sperm to the half dozen other guys who'd been before me.

When i'd pulled out my woman climbed off and the fat woman motioned for me to stick my spunk soaked cock in her mouth whereupon she cleaned my dick off ready for the next round.

We then moved into the main room which had sofas arranged around the walls looking inwards and 4 double mattresses adorned the centre floor space with furr throws on them. There were 7 guys including me and 10 women including the fat woman at the entrance. I was by far the youngest person there, the next youngest being my woman!

Needless to say i was quite the centre of attention. I ended up on the mattress with one old boiler face fucking me whilst another one had impaled herself anally on my cock. Both these woman were back to back and sucking on the cocks of two other guys. Whilst in thist position i glansed across to the sofas and saw my woman licking the swollen twat of one woman whilst a guy was fucking her from behind.

Having done the rounds at about 2am i ended up on the sofas quite worn out when my woman came over to me and pushed me onto my back. She then lowered her cunt down onto my mouth which was absolutely stinking of stale spunk and made me clean her out.

A great night, the first of a few i enjoyed whilst posted in Germany. My woman was 42 when i was posted in 1992. Her fortieth birthday was quite another story.