Written by paul

1 Jan 2005

Hello again,

It was getting near mid day, not much work getting done but plenty of getting to know each other,we started to get our clothing sorted out and wendy said, we will have to go and get the tiles, but all i wanted to do after wendy had got her tits out was for us to carry on fucking about,

she said NO. and when a lady says no in my book its NO.

So reluctantly i picked up the blanket and we started the short walk back to the car and got in, as we drove down the short lane back to the main road ,wendy said stop! i said what is it, she said look over there , i looked to where wendy was pointing and in the other end of the wood was a red car, wendy said that looks like rons car, i said do you want to go see but she said, no, lets just go.

We drove the 6 miles to B&Q at Barnsley discussing what janet had told me yesterday and what was happening at wendys, when we reached B&Q i had found out that ever since i had met janet,wendy and ron (Janets stepfather)that janet had told wendy that i had got a fair sized cock and knew how to use it, (typical of a bloke, it made my head swell)also that wendy had got herself a vibrator to keep her from going insane without a fuck, she said that she had been using it up to me comming to the door this morning.

Iwas walking round B&Q with a prick that was stiff and straining to get out of my shorts, if i had not been pushing the trolly i would have been arrested.

any way we got every thing we wanted and headed back home, all the way wendy had her hand on my leg and was rubbing my prick thru my shorts, i said when are you going to let me fuck you properly, she said, i want you to flirt with me all the time ron is around, i said that wont be a problem, she said, the next time ron goes to see julie that will give us a few hours, i will ring her up to find out when ron is going round.

She said now go and get my bathroom finished or it never will. I got 2 walls and round the window done in the quickest time i have ever stuck tiles, it was about 5.30 when ron came up the stairs and said, what time are you finishing, i said about 8.00 because with problems i have had i was behind, he stopped to talk to me a bit and started to tell me about a woman he knows who likes him to go round and see her, i said jokingly are you giving her one, he closed the door and said, you will not tell anyone will you, i said, what!he looked at me and said, yes, i kept my face straight and said who is it,do i know her and he said its julie, wendys friend,just then wendy shouted up stairs that she was going to the shop and wont be long, we heard the door go, and then ron started to tell me all about julie and i asked him how long he has been fucking her,i had only seen her a few times and she looked ok, he told me that she was 60 and a dirty cow, i said how dirty, he said she likes him to fuck her up the arse, i said nothing wrong in that, i have fucked women up the arse before,he said i have tried to get wendy to take it up the arse but she wont, i said if i ever got the chance to be in your place with wendy i would like to try, he said would you realy like to fuck wendy and i said yes, i think those big tits of hers are just great,he said i did not think you were bothered with people you do jobs for, i said i have had a few fucks in my time with customers i have done jobs for. i said, wendy looks like a very sexy woman but i dont think she would take to kindly to her son in law making a pass at her, ron said why dont you give it a try you never know, i said am i thick or are you telling me to fuck wendy, he said go for it.

I had got a semi starting to rise whilst we were talking and ron noticed it and said you look like you could fuck her now, i said oh yes,he said would you let me look at your prick, i said, why and he said i just want to see what wendy is going to get, i thought why not, and i pulled my shorts down to my knees my cock sprang up and precome was starting to oose out of the end i stroked my prick and said i would love to shove this up wendys arse,ron looked at my prick and said i have not seen one as big as that before and i said why how many have you seen, he said i often go to a wood near Barnsley with julie and as i fuck her men come out of the wood and watch. I said does she let them fuck her he said no not yet because she is unsure about things in case any one gets to rough, All this time i was stroking my cock and spunk was starting to stir in my balls ron took out his cock and i looked at it, it was a lot smaller than mine and it was bent in the middle, i said, fucking hell you can fuck round corners with that, he said its no where as big as yours but i can still put it to good use, he said i will talk to wendy and find out how the land lies and i will tell you if she seems up for it, i will tell her i have seen you having a piss and that you have got a big one, By now my spunk was in my pipe and i said do you mind if i have a wank all this talk has made me very horny, he said no do it, i moved over to the toilet and just started to pound my prick i closed my eyes and thought of wendy with my cock in between those big juicy tits i started to come and when i opened my eyes ron was bent in front of my cock with my spunk on his face, he was pulling at his cock at the same time and shot his spunk all down my legs, he said if i can arrange for you to fuck wendy can i watch with out her knowing, i was so hot and flustered i just said ohh yes, i would realy love that, we cleaned up and ron went down stairs and i heard the car pull away, all this had seemed like forever but when i looked at my watch it had only been about 15min,it was a short time later when wendy came back into the house from the shop, she shouted up stairs do you want a drink i answered yes but whats on offer she said only tea to night. She came up stairs and said my you have done a lot how long do you think it will take to finish. I said the tiling and the shower about 2 more days but if you keep coming up stairs with those big tits on display about a month, she said did i know were ron had gone i said no but we have had a good conversation about you, i said he is going to try to persuade you to let me fuck you and he wants to hide and watch, she rubbed her cunt thro her skirt and said this is going to be fun,she gave me a big sloppy kiss and let me feel up her skirt, the randy cow had got no knickers on and her cunt was still wet, i pulled at her blouse and managed to free her tits and i had one hand feeling her cunt and the other hand and my mouth round her tits, she managed to get my shorts down and had both hands on my prick trying to get my cock stood up, she shuddered as my fingers had found her fanny button and she bit into my neck and shoulder as she spunked all over my hand, i turned her round and bent her over the bath and shoved my now rock hard cock straight up her cunt to the hilt in one push she shoved her arse against my belly and some how her cunt was fucking my prick we clung to each other and her cunt was doing all the work sucking my cock into her cunt and relaxing the hold, for a 63 year old her cunt muscules were in tip top condition, i then started to fuck her and she was calling me a fucking randy bastard, i pulled out to the tip and shoved back in up to my bollocks, i said in her ear, do you want a paul special,she said ohh yes so i pulled out and pulled her arse cheeks apart and shoved my wet slippery cock up her arse, she started to pullof me but i said just relax it will be ok in a sec, she said can i straighten up and i said wait abit tili have got it all in, i started to gently shove my cock up her arse and she bit her lip and threw her head back and said now you bastard fuck my arse, i am only normal not one of these that say they can fuck all night and cannot, i shot my load of spunk up her arse and colapsed on her back, she had lost her hand up her cunt because when i felt round her cunt i could only feel her wrist and spunk and fanny juice were running down her arm, we kissed and pulled apart and she said that was fantastic, she pulled her skirt down and put her tits away and said i will go and make a drink, i cleaned up and came down stairs wendy said i will play along with ron and see what game he is up to, i kissed her had my tea, had a quick feel then went home. Janet said when i got home you look knackered have you had a hard day i said i will tell you all after a shower and my tea.....to be continued.