Written by Mattmoleman

4 Jan 2007

It was Toni’s birthday comming up and Ian wanted to give her a treat. Something that she couldn’t possibly forget and would crave more and more at every thought of it.

It was the morning of the Toni’s birthday and Ian had told her to make sure she and everything else was great for guests to come round later for her party. Toni didn’t know what the present was but with the wicked grin on ians face knew it would be something fun.

Toni, wanted to wear a nice tight figure hugging bone corset, red and black lace that made her busom push up without spilling out a pair of stockings covered her legs and fastened onto a tiny black silk g-string which barely covered everything.

Toni admired herself in the mirror as she setup the lighting and made sure the rooms were all clean and tidy.

Ian was downstairs constantly on the phone. All Toni could here is random parts of sentances. “This is going to be smooth”, “hurry and get here”, “make sure your not last”. Toni couldn’t guess how many people Ian was inviting round for her birthday party but she looked great and that’s all that mattered.

The door bell rang and Ian ushered some figures from the door to the kitchen. Before Toni could even say hi to the guests Ian met her on the stairs with an embrace and lead her to the bedroom by hand.

Ian sat toni on the bed and asked her softly to place this long dark satin scarf around her eyes. They kissed gently as ian got up and behind toni and started to rub her shoulders, brushing her hair back from her face.

Toni enjoyed the attention of Ians hands running his fingers down her neck, across her shoulders and slowly and lightly over the top of her chest before working them back up to her face where toni tried to kiss and nibble on his fingers. The movements were fluid and continious, toni didn’t even notice that she was gently sucking on the tip of his finger, with her neck being rubbed and her chest tickled all at the same time.

Toni was eased onto front on the bed as her neck was given some sweet strawberry smelling lotion. Toni could feel more and more fingers running over her back now all applying this sweet smell which just helped the fingers glide over her neck, back and down her arms.

Both of her hands were being held as the massages continued. Toni could feel her legs slide slightly apart and her stockings slowly eased off.

The hands were exploring toni’s inner thighs, working slowly higher and higher until they could feel the heat from toni’s quivering crotch, they would then slide out and over her bottom grabbing and caressing each check only to make way for another pair of hands to do the same.

The massages on her back were being replaced with kisses now. Running down both sides of her neck and back at the same time. Toni clenched her fists slightly onto what was hands only to find that they had been replaced with two fairly hard cocks that she hadn’t felt before. Her right hand held onto a quite large but less firm cock which was pulsating blood as the guys heart beat gradually quickened. Toni’s left hand held a somewhat smoother, harder younger cock. This one wasn’t as long or the same girth but made up for the sheer firmness. Her hands moved up and down feeling them can hold onto them to imagine what they could look like.

Toni laid there holding onto these two hard cocks as the hands undid all of the back of the corset Toni was wearing. Toni could also feel the her g-string being ripped down as all of the hands turn Toni onto her back. Toni had to release both of the cocks she was holding, but as soon as she settled reached out to grab hold of them, only to find that Toni had indeed grabbed hold of a different pair.

Toni let out a little surprised but happy oh as she started to rub up and down these rock hard cocks and explore their shape and firmness.

As toni was getting a little carried away with having her corset thrown off her body to leave her lying naked on her back, two cocks in hand and legs held apart she opened her mouth and gasped. This was met with the same two cocks earlier being placed over the lips of Toni, now open and exploring mouth. Two cocks were held in place, they must of been touching each other as they were so close that toni couldn’t fit her tongue inbetween them. Instead toni had to try and coax them into her eager waiting mouth to taste the pre-cum of their tips.

With two cocks in hands, two cocks in mouth, four hands massaging that sweet smelling strawberry oil into her breasts and both of her legs being held open ian noticed toni was twitching between her legs and really needed something to satisfy her loins.

Ian placed his cock on toni’s pussy just enough to hear her groan. Ever so slowly sliding in the tip of his head into toni made her shiver and beg for more. Every time toni pushed forwards to have more of ian inside her ian would ease himself out again, teasing toni and letting her know that it was indeed ians control over what happens next.

Toni was getting increasingly frustrated at not having her cunts needs met so she decided to concentrate more so on the four cocks around her knowing her wet and ever so willing pussy will be too much temptation for Ian.

Toni held tightly onto the the throbbing and hot cocks in her hands. Using them to move herself forwards and backwards whilst she wanked on them. Every little pulse of blood rushing through them could be felt which just made toni grab even harder. In her mind all she could see was these two huge, rock hard cocks, glowing bright red and purple because they are so hard. Both of her hands running up and down faster and faster to make sure they got even harder.

In the mean time Toni’s muffled moans were completely silenced by a complete mouth full of two more rock hard cocks. Both of them fighting to be inside her mouth. The feel of having such a mouthful was turning Toni on even more. The two different tastes. The feel and textures of different cocks at the same time being explored by her tongue.

Every time Toni had to gasp for air, she would recover and start to suck hard on the cocks one at a time. She would try and swallow the whole cock in her mouth as the other one is gently being masturbated onto her cheek waiting its turn. Toni knows that this is bringing the guys to the edge as every time she moans, it sends vibrations all the way down the cock in her mouth, her cheeks gently shake the other one and her hands pick up the pace in fucking the other rock hard cocks.

It wasn’t long indeed for Ian watching this and having Toni completely shaking beneath him for him to start getting harder and fucking that much deeper. Toni’s juices are flowing freely down ian and onto his balls which just tells ian to go inside even harder, faster. Watching Toni push back on ian by using the cocks in her hands for leverage was turning him on even more than he thought he could be.

Toni could feel the balls tightening on those in her hands, which made her pump them up and down as fast as she could. The moans and grunts of the two men getting louder made Ian fuck her as deep as he could. Keeping his cock as deep as it can go while girating on her groin was making toni cum. Her breasts were being held tightly by the guys next to her head. Her legs were kept in place by the ones in her hands with ian fucking like a machine with his thumb pressing hard on toni’s clit. Every thrust in was rubbing on her clit that sent shudders down her back making it arch. Toni’s arching back pushed her breasts out and made her push down really hard on the two cocks at the same time. This was too much for the one in her right hand. With her hand all the way down to his base toni could feel his balls tighten. Her breasts were left in the open air to receive the majority of the guys cum. Toni had no idea where she was pointing this now spurting cock but each drop was covering her naked and sensitive breasts.

They felt completely covered when her left hand realized another load was due shortly. Working her hand quicker to encourage it toni couldn’t think where or how to aim this guys cock. Not thinking about it toni decided to just continue fucking this guy with her hand as fast as she could. This didn’t take long at all before she could feel another large hot splat on her stomach. Because Toni’s hand wasn’t stopping rubbing she could feel this guys cum run down and over her hand as it dripped onto her side.

Toni was left trembling was excitement holding onto the still hard but exhausted cocks as Ian continued to slide in and out of her. Toni could feel that her body must have been quite a sight to see as there was so much heat coming off her breasts that made her nipples tingle by the air rushing past them.

Toni held firm onto her conquered cocks with both hands and started to work on the ones in her mouth one at a time. Her head was moving quicker than Ians thrusts and sucking so hard there was no way the cock could leave her mouth until she wanted the other one. Again as she delved on one of the cocks she could feel the other one being masturbated on her cheek. The feel of a throbbing head inside her mouth pushing against the inside of her cheek which in turn has another rock hard cock being wanked off against it was something she hadn’t felt before.

Toni could feel the cock in her mouth about to come as it was going into spasms filling her mouth and making her tongue lap on the end. The guys cock was freely flowing cum down toni’s throat as she kept swallowing more and more. Toni could also feel another load being spread across her cheek, nose and forehead as the guy masturbating onto her face was also cumming. Toni’s whole mouth was full of cum by now as the guy justs didn’t seem to stop and was letting out more than toni could swallow at one time. The sweet taste was filling her as more and more cum started to run over her face. Both of her cheeks were covered now as toni was just finishing the last drips of the cock that was being slowly drawn out of her mouth. As it left toni could taste some drips off her lips which tasted so good together.

Ian was just a witness to what happened. Completely amazed at the sight of Toni, sexy, cum covered, multiple orgasaming, trembling, twitching and still begging for more. Toni reached out to touch Ians chest as laid slightly over her. Toni wrapped her legs around Ian, pushing him deeper inside her as she again was reaching another peak. Toni was now free to shout and let her orgasm take over her. Her legs moving in time as Ian kept pounding inside. Toni wasn’t just moaning but screaming as ian finally filled toni. He kept sliding inside toni as she continued to cum, letting his cum cover his own cock as he was spurting.

Toni collapsed all her limbs back onto the bed as Ian kissed her gently while removing the blind fold. Toni spent so much time clenching her eyes closed with passion that opening them was difficult but she so wanted to see who were these four men that gave her a birthday to never forget.

When Toni finally adjusted to the lighting, she realized it was only her and Ian in the room. With a slight look of disappointment in her eye she looked up at Ian who simply told her. “Don’t worry, they’ve only gone downstairs for a drink. This is only the beginning to your week long present.”