Written by Fanny

19 Feb 2005

My huband asked me to eat a pussy in front of him for his birthday. He had my best friends in mind. she had split with her wanker boyfriend and was really getting horny. We hatched a plan to make it look like we got together by accident. The 3 of us went to our local, the vodka's were kept flowing by my husband all night at least for Gina they were I had a few but wanted to keep a little bit sober so Terry my hubby got lemonade for me. I pretended to be as pissed as her. Last orders and we all left for our house as Gina was staying the night with us. Terry had made a bed up on the settee for himself, just so Gina wouldn't think anything was going on. We staggered up the stairs to the bedroom. I pulled my clothes off threw them to the floor, standing there in my bra and panties looking at Gina struggling to unhook her bra got my pussy juices going. I reached out and helped her. Now Gina''s tits are a mouthwatering 36dd. I undid my own bra and released my own pair of 38d boobs. My panties were soaking now. Gina lay down on the bed and beckoned me down beside her. I fell down beside her. She smiled and told me to sit on her face that she had always fancied licking my fanny. I couldn't believe my ears. Neither could Terry because I heard him gasp outside in the hallway, and you'd better come in here and let your wife suck your cock while i eat her pussy she shouted out to him. He didn't need asking twice and came into the room naked cock in hand ready to be sucked dry. I lowered my fanny over Gina's face and she slurped and licked and sucked me to a shuddering orgasm. I could hardly keep Terry's cock in my mouth because I was moaning so much. After I came Gina wriggled out from under my thighs, my cum dripping down her face she helped me suck Terry off we licked up and down and took turns sucking his dick till he came over our tits. Gina laughed and said Happy Birthday Terry. Now who's gonna make me cum?