Written by Johnny

8 May 2004

Today, May 8, 2004, is my 47th birthday. I’m a gay white guy, five ten, thirty inch waist, c/s, g/l and have a nice seven and half inch cock. My boyfriend is also 47 but he lives in Canada and we only get to see each other about ten weeks a year. So, anyway, I wasn’t feeling too happy about being 47 (too close to 50 in my opinion) and this afternoon I was wanking off looking at porn on the net when that familiar voice announced “You’ve got company”

It was my 25 year old nephew, he told me he was supposed to be studying but was surfing porn and had a raging hard on. His girlfriend was out shopping with her mother. He’d come twice already he said, “snap I replied” Wish I was there sucking that cock I told him.

I can be there in 35 minutes he said. Come on over I replied.

I jumped into the bath then put some porn on the video and prepared a joint. Let me describe my nephew, he is a very handsome tall slender guy who has been working out lightly over the past couple of years and its really paying off! His body is incredible and his dick is gorgeous. Not as big as mine but fatter.

Shortly after his arrival we were both naked and I was stretched out on the sofa on my back. My nephew sat on my face and took my cock deep in his throat. I eagerly licked and licked at his tight virgin hole. His enthusiasm outmatched mine as he moaned as my tongue penetrated his tight hole. I was in ecstasy as he took my cock deeper and deeper in his mouth. Slowly I started to slide my pinky inside him while I lapped slowly at his shaved balls. I’m hard again typing this. Sliding my pinky out I gave him my tongue again, shoving it as far inside him as I could get. Making sure there was plenty of saliva around his hole I started to slide my index finger deep inside him. His arse came back hard on my finger and he began to ride it while his tongue moved to my balls and he began to wank my cock, pausing only to moan and groan very happily.

Suddenly he stood up and began to wank while opening his legs for me to view his hole and slide my finger back inside him as he shot his spunk all over my chest and face. He then stuck his cock in my mouth and I shot what I think is the biggest load in my life as I drained him dry. My cum landed in hair and eyes and I’m pretty sure even went over my head. What a birthday present! Who says life begins at 40, make that 47!