Written by Trac

16 Sep 2006

I am a married 35 year old woman, in a open relationship, my husband likes me to shag around, indeed he encourages me to. So I am very lucky, as I am a very highly sexed woman. I look after myself, and have a size 10 36c2435 figure. Long legs, and always smooth. This event happened recently. I was due to meet a girlfriend at a bar nearby to where I live, I dressed sexily as my husband likes me to, in a leather miniskirt hold up stockings heals, thoing white blouse and sexy bra, I got there a bit early and ordered a large vodka, after ten minutes Sally rang and said she could not come out as her son was ill. I thought finish my drink and go home, then a group of five guys came in all about 20 years old, three black guys and two white, all looked very fit and horny. They came to the bar and one of them smiled at me, and I smiled back and was then asked if I wanted a drink with them, I thought why not? I joined them at a table with sam and Andy both black guys either side of me and Ibi the other black guy Joe and Neil on the other side of the table, they were all very charming saying how mnuch they liked older women, that they were all sportsguys, and that I was stunning, and they were glad they came in and met me. After, a few drinks, sam had his hand well up my skirt, telling the guys I had a thong onn, and then that I was shaved, his hand quickly joined by Andy's. Then Sam lent over and french kissed me having asly grope of my tits, Ibi said he wanted a kiss so i lent over the table and as I did Andy pushed his fingeres deep inside me. At that point Sam suggested we went to his place.

In the car I was between Sam and Ibi my thng was off and my tiuts out, as we drove to Sam's place once in there they stripped my and they stripped too, five very sexy, firm and athletic bodies with very impressive cocks, all over 9" which I love, a size slut I am. I went to my knees and sucked each one in turn, and then was picked up and bent over whilst Joe started to fuck me, and I was sucking |Ibi off, Joe was then replaced by Ibi and I wasa sucking Neil, then it was Andy's turn whose cock was masive but he was beaten by Sam's monster cock, they all took turns fucking me then they started on my arse , I rode Andy as sam bent me forwardf I took Neil's cock in my mouth and sam entered my arse I thought i would split open, but he would not stop, and soon was dfucking me hard in my arse as Andy was fucking my cunt, they all took turns in this and all fucked me bareback, but I was on such a high I didn't care. I rang my husband at 11pm and told him I had been picked up, and was staying the night at sam's. sam told me what a slut and whore I was and we all fucked ubntil about 1am, and then agin at 9am the following day. I was taken home by sam and Andy who introduced themselves to my husband, and then both stayed over that night whilst my husband slept in the guest room. I am now their regular slut and love every second and inch of it.