Written by JimandLynn

18 Mar 2006

Last week even though it was a little on the cold side my wife Lynn and I decided to go for a walk in a local beauty spot which is well known for dogging and hopefully take a few photos of Lynn.

She was dressed in black seamed stockings, high heels, black wrap around skirt, and white see thru blouse with a black bra. Lynn is 40yrs old size 16 shaved pussy and has lovely 38dd breasts and blonde hair.

We got there about 5.30 an had a look around there quite a few cars parked up so we walked past a few and down to the lake side where lynn sat on a bench with her legs open so I could see her pussy, when suddenly a pair of dogs appeared followed by a young couple. Lynn quickly covered up but not before she was seen by the couple who give as a smile as they walked past. So Lynn said lets go over to the ruins on the other side of the lake which is a bit more private.

When we get there I ask lynn to take off her skirt and blouse so I can take some pictures of her, I had just got lynn to lay down rubbing her tits when the couple reappeared and asked if they watch I asked Lynn and she said yes and I continued to take photos of her in various poses. Where the couple who’s names name we learnt are Paul and Joanne and are both 28yrs old asked if they could join in (I was all for it) so I asked lynn who said ”mmm yes please”, Joanne quickly dropped her coat to reveal black knee length boots black hold ups and nothing else she looked stunning her breast where smaller then lynn,s with lovely erect nipples, while I was watching Joanne I had not noticed Paul strip and go and stand next to lynn, but when I did I was shocked to see the biggest cock I,ve seen outside of a porn film.

Lynn looked at me then back to Paul and said can I touch it I nodded as Joanne said go for it, Lynn reached out and started to wank on his big cock as I got it on film Joanne walked over to Lynn and knelt down and started licking at Lynn’s clit who was now sucking on pauls cock, my own cock was hard as I watched my wife enjoying herself. Paul said to lynn he wanted to fuck her ,she looked at me and said “Please honey I need fucking by this big cock”

I was’nt really happy with this but the look in her eyes told me she was going to either with or without my consent so I said yes if I could fuck Joanne.

Joanne came straight over to me dropped to her knees and undid my trousers and pulled out my cock and put it straight into her mouth it felt wonderful to be sucked be this lovely stranger as I watched her partner pushing his big cock into my wife,Lynn was moaning out loud that she was cumming, “Yes yes Fuck me she shouted” as paul pounded her pussy he said to ”here I cum”

“in my mouth Lynn said”

All the while I had my cock in Joannes mouth I had to stop her bringing me off s I told her bend over next to lynn so I could fuck her from behind as she bent over I saw lynn take paul into her mouth sucking hard as he cum I took a photo of her mouth tight around his cock spunk dribbling down her chin as she swallowed as much as she could I turned me attention back to Joanne and pushed into her tight pussy and fucked her hard asking her where she wanted me to cum “deep in my pussy “ came the reply I speeded up and came in her pulling her to me as I pumped my seed deep into her before pulling out Joanne turned around with a big smile on her face and reached for my cock and licked it clean .

We cleaned up and and exchanged phone numbers before we left the park.we are meeting them again next week in a hotel so we will let you know what happens