Written by Ex Airman

30 Oct 2006

I found S/H recently and have decided to tell you of a great time I had with a married woman back in the second half of the eighties, in R.A.F. Germany.

I worked in the Sgt's Mess where we had a Corporal, Graham, who was a real wanker. He thought he was above everyone because he was so special. Yes he was good at the basic job, he entered competitions like the Cook and Serve, we being stewards. As a leader however he was crap. We used to say we would follow him to the jaws of Hell just so we could push him through and fuck off.

Tina, Graham's wife, was a size six, eight at most, real tiny and fuck able even if she was only an A cup. She would do the odd turn behind the bar on some functions which is where we start. I was filling in for one of the civvies staff who was on leave when Tina started and worked three nights that week with Tina, so as to show her the ropes. Graham had been detached to the South Atlantic thank fuck, so Tina was on her own for a while. On the third night, feeling confidant about where it all was so she had a few drinks, but not too many. When we closed I said I would cycle home with Tina as I had the first two nights, to make sure she got home safe. I would have driven her but she wanted her bike for the next day. Tina asked me if I wanted a coffee and being red blooded I hoped there would be more. What better than to fuck the lovely wife of a complete Knob that no one liked?

As we chatted I suggested that Tina should cut down on the flirting at the bar as a bunch of sergeants could get rough, she explained that when Graham left she was on her period so had not had sex now for three weeks and was getting frustrated, so she was flirting. I used the obvious line about I would not see her go short and minutes later we were at it on the sofa and floor. Tina as so light it was easy to maneuver her around. This was the first of a lot of evenings together, although often it had to be in my car or the odd B&B type place. We tried to keep a low profile. Until one night she came to my block.

I was about to go to bed when Tina knocked on the window wanting a lift home. She had been to the Naafi and missed the bus and as she was more than a little drunk came looking for me. Blokes would take girls in the block but getting caught was big trouble sometimes. I let her in the side door and rushed her into the nearby cleaning cupboard where the floor polisher etc was kept. I told her what a daft thing she was doing (Not many mobile phones then!) but I would take her home for a fuck. She said that was part two of her idea but I said I wanted paying up front. So there we were, her on the edge of a shelf with me between her legs going for gold when the door opened and in walked George. Tina gave a little squeal and said "What the fuck are you looking at?". G ignored her and said to me "Fuck, well done mate, who is she?" I told him and Tina squealed something about not telling people. I came up her and she complained she had not finished. I told her G would be happy to help and she said he could go fuck himself. Well the change over was so quick G was up her before she could get off the shelf. I explained the block rule was a shag for not telling all and sundry what had been seen. SHe was not happy but was starting to enjoy herself with G in spite of herself.

It's a good job these cupboards are the size of a small bedroom. Tiny came in complaining about the shelves banging on the wall of his room. Tina came in a big, deep cum just as G did. Before she had come down from that Tiny was in situ. She complained again but couldn't do much. Anyway, she came again before I took her home. I walked in behind her and we talked a little as I explained block etiquette. She must have been alright with it all because I fucked her again on the settee before I left.

A few weeks and many fucks later and it was the festive season. I had to work Xmas and Tina went to the U.K. to visit her family. She was back for new year. We decided that we would go and visit a mate I new from the U.K. who was living in Wickrath quarters, as Elmt, where she lived was not a clever idea. My mate and I had got together in Germany yet so his invite to his new year party was taken up. I just introduced Tina without giving more than her name. BORING. The party was a bit slow, particularly for me as I was driving. After midnight the party upstairs overflowed into ours and looked better. Lots of woman dressed as school girls etc. We sloped off upstairs.

Warmly greeted, i.e. beer was thrust upon us and Tina was kissed and groped and described as fresh meat, we blended in. Photo taking was a major feature because of the generous amounts of leg on show. Tina's dress was zipped all the Way from left armpit to the hem, a bit above the knee. The zip ran both ways so it could be, and was, moved up to show lots of leg when her knee was grabbed and lifted. After four or more of these pictures was taken she stopped protesting. I reached around from just behind her and grabbed the corner of the dress so I could lift it to her right side and show her cunt though her pants. She always wore suspenders, or webbing as we service type's call them. A few moans and she gave up. More pictures. We did not see many as there were only a couple of those old instamatics that gave near instant pictures.

Tina was getting really smashed, so when I led her into the second bedroom she was not altogether with it. Someone wanted a picture of Tina with the zip all the way up. A little coaxing and we were there. Two drunks were crashed out on the bed but were soon removed so Tina could pose on her back, leg bent at the knee showing her crotch. I suggested removing the dress and was doing so before Tina could compose her response and, during the small fuss got rid of the pants too. A few pictures and another drink and Tina was posed for a shot with me putting the tip of my cock against her cunt, doggy wise, no penetration allowed, one off, no one else then get dressed, honest! Yeah!

Three blokes were in there with us, two with cameras. Of course I fucked her. And she enjoyed it too. Came at least twice. Before she could recover I swapped with one of the photographers and took a picture or two for him. Tina complained in her little squeal but still told the bloke not to come before her. As she came down from her next cum the other camera owner spun her on her back and climbed on top, riding her like his life depended on it. The guy that had just fucked her thanked me for sharing my wife around. I said "She's not my wife. She's my Cpl's. He's a total cunt that no one likes and he's down south. So I thought I would take advantage!" He said "Thanks mate. Right little slapper then is she? Puts out for the boys then?" I said "She does now!" He said Very well done and thanked me again. I opened the door and slipped out for a beer, I thought one would not hurt. I left the door ajar and popped back a little later to find Tina still going. A bloke was sat on the edge of the bed with Tina sat on his cock, her back to him. He was holding her arms back and so at least two blokes could get a photo, and she was totally on show. She must have had a few more drinks too. When he came the bloke just lifted her up and passed her to another who took the same pose. As he was black the photo taken made it clear it was yet another cock in her. She came a lot and was passed to another bloke who laid back and sat her on his cock, facing him. Someone else stood on the bed frame (good old military cast iron stock) and put his cock in her mouth. I wandered off again and came back to find her on her front, still with the webbing on! A bloke was doing her arse but I think she was out of it.

Since no one else was lined up for her I did my best to clear her up a bit and dress her. I had to dress her in a mans shirt, (a few were lying around) and stole a belt from a collapsed drunk which I had to tie round her as it was too big. Never saw the dress again.

I got her home and fucked her again before I left her in the recovery position, in her bed.

The only other biggy was a bit later, shortly before Graham came home. We were in "Harry's bar" in Wickrath, just along from a shop that sold ice cream in summer and fashion clothes in winter, during the week when it is quiet. Tina was on a stool showing a lot of leg and had got to the stage where she chose drinks by the colour of the bottle or contents. Two Germans were in a corner catching a look when they could. Two old men played chess all night regardless of anything else. Three blokes were at the far end of the bar ogling Tina and Harry was keeping bar. I gave the three a bit of a show by keep pushing my hand up Tina's leg and raising the skirt. I was soon able to tickle her cunt through her pants and get her going. She said in my ear, "Is this where you get me fucked again? I am feeling so horny right now!" Right I thought, Game On! I told her to raise up a fraction so I could raise the skirt up and keep it there, showing the tops of the stockings. I then undid two buttons of the blouse but that did not do much with only small, if lovely tits. I then went to the gents giving the party of three a small nod on the way.

When I got back Tina had one German behind her looking over her shoulder and down her blouse, one gently stroking her right arm and the third was in my old position with his right hand up her skirt. They all looked at me but I just smiled. It took only a little time before the bloke behind her had Tina's blouse down over her shoulders and was undoing her bra. Her pants went next and the guy that had taken my place put them in his pocket before sliding between her legs and slipping up her. The stool was not the place to fuck someone, even Tina's size. The two Germans in the corner brought over their low table to lay Tina on, Harry locked the doors and the two old boys played chess!

Tina was over the table, her arse on the edge and her head hanging over the opposite side. A cock was offered to her mouth which she sucked in. The bloke that had started to fuck her on the stool was fucking her again. He came quite soon, four or five deep thrusts and then pulled out. The next one pulled the skirt off and then got up her just as the cock in her mouth spurted in and on her. Harry was in there next and I was next in her cunt. When we had all had one go each we had a drink each, including the first bloke to fuck her who drank his while having a second fuck.

I got one of the party of three to agree to give us a lift back to Bruggen, saving a cab fare. We all had a second fuck and I fucked her arse for the first since we had started together. Tina was on her hands and knees just after I had had her arse and the bloke fucking her talked to his mate, in German. I caught some of what he said but he was a bit quick for my limited German. It was about British servicemen and their wives. Tina was some kind of slut, very nice and all that and he hoped she was local. Tina would not have liked him saying her tits were too small and she now had a cunt like a bucket and was obviously a stupid bitch who just like to fuck, so I did not tell her.

Ferdy was the bloke that took us home. Tina was half asleep in the back while we talked in the front. His English and my German were enough to get by on. He asked why I shared my wife with others. I told him the story and he laughed, saying she must be "A girl of easy virtue, no!". I said she might have been a bit easy before I got with her but she is now a right slut and told him about what is written above. He said he would look out for her in the future.

When Ferdy dropped us off I asked him in. Tina was more or less with us now, so I perked her up with a small brandy. I told Ferdy to wait while I got Tina showered and brought her back in in a toweling robe. Of course this was soon off and we both fucked her, Ferdy informing her that she was assured of a good seeing to any time she was in Harry's bar. Ferdy had her on her back on the settee and then I fucked her from behind. Ferdy dropped me off outside camp.

We fucked just a few more times before Graham got back. As he had been cross posted on promotion he was due back to U.K three months later. I never saw either again, but I met up with and George last week and he said Tina and Graham were still together last year, but rumor around Stafford, where they live, is that she is a bit of a slut no and then.

I do hope so.