Written by Craig

23 Sep 2004

Hayley was my line manager in work. She also lived quite close to me and often gave me lifts in to work. We had a typical office relationship. We would flirt, make sexual innuendoes but we both knew that nothing would happen. I was married and she was in a long-term relationship. I would often fantasise about Hayley whilst fucking my wife and she would feature prominently in my wanking fantasies.

One particular day in work Hayley and I, along with another work colleague Jayne were having lunch when inevitably the conversation got on to sex. It was quite an open discussion witha few confessions being made. Hearing Hayley’s confessions really turned me on and influenced me to flirt with and make even more broader sexual suggestions to her.

She made the comment that ‘one day I would have to prove that you are not all talk.’

It could have been just a passing comment but gave me food for thought.

Several days later I was out drinking with my friends when I felt my arse being pinched. I turned around to see who it was. It was Hayley looking drop dead gorgeous. She wore a tight top that showed the curve of her fabulous breasts, a tight skirt that moulded around her perfect arse and her hair was in a ponytail showing off her fine facial features. She wore a bra but her nipples were clearly visable and I was turned on. She was with a group of her friends but tagged along with my group as well. Throughout the evening the beer flowed and Hayley and I got closer and closer.

Towards the end of the night in a packed pub with a live band she asked me to dance. I was not going to waste this opportunity. It was my chance to feel those firm buttocks and press against her breasts. I was obviously aroused and she could feel it. At one stage her hand dropped to my crotch and she began rubbing my hard cock through my trousers. I am not exactly huge but she seemed pleased with what she felt, so much so that she moved in a little closer and slid her hand down the front of my trousers and slowly rubbed my erection. I grabbed her arse and pulled her in closer so that I could feel her breasts against my chest.

This was all too much and she instantly led me off the dancefloor and outside. Several yards from the pub was a darkened alleyway and we moved down there.

She unzipped me and let my cock go free. She dropped to her knees and began to lick my shaft. She licked and sucked and I was very close to coming. But she knew what I wanted and she wanted the same. She released my throbbing member from her mouth and turned around. She lifted up her skirt, pulled her thong aside and ordered me to fuck her. I did not need telling twice. I positioned myself behind her, took hold of either side of her arse and slid straight into her wet cunt. She gasped as soon as I entered her. With every stroke she urged me on telling me to ‘fuck her hard,’ and ‘make her cum.’ It was such a great feeling as I slid in and out of her as she gasped and urged me on. With each stroke I pushed deeper and she pushed back on to my throbbing member. I could feel the cum rising in my cock and it was not long before I shot in to her unprotected womb. It was such an exilerating feeling having my line manager on th end of my cock and firing my spunk into her.

As I pulled out of her my cock was glistening with her love juice. She dropped once again to her knees and licked my penis of my come and her juice. She lapped up every drop.

We cleaned ourselves up and went back into the pub. Five minutes later we were in a toilet cubicle fucking away again. She dragged me in to the ladies, exposed her beautiful breasts which I licked and sucked , watching in amazement as her nipples got longer and longer. I then pushed her against the cubicle wall, lifted her up, ripped her thong off and pushed inside of her. She did not care who knew that we were shagging in the cubicle. She was insatiable. She was loving every minute of it as her vocalisations increased as she orgasmed and I came inside her for the second time that night.

Now whenever we are out on the town we arrange to accidently bump in to each other and end up having a fuck fest. One night I was out with my wife but still managed to fuck Hayley but that is another story.