Written by karen

7 Feb 2006

Me and my husband had been going through a really rough patch,constantly argueing and shouting at each other and we hadnt had sex in ages.so he came home from work one day with tickets for a holiday in corfu for me and him plus our daughter emma and chris her boyfriend.(emma was 19 chris was 26)

we had been on holiday for a few days and everything was feeling so much better we were relaxing and having fun.

me and my husband still hadnt had sex and my frustrations were begining to grow by the day.i may be 44 but i still think of myself as quite attractive and always try to dress quite sexy whenever possible.seeing all the younger men on the beach and by the pool was really not helping much either!!!

it even got to the stage where i was begining to look at chris (my daughters boyfriend)in a very sexual way.flirting with him in the pool when my daughter wasnt around etc.After a few days of my flirting i noticed chris started to react to it and began being much more touchy feely than normal with a few sexual remarks throw in the conversation for good measure.

On our last night we decided to go to the reps show which basically involved loads of drinking while watching the reps make a fool of themselves.

As the show neared the end my husband started being sick and me and chris carried him back to the bus.

as we neared our resort my daughter was still up for a good night so she insisted her and chris were going clubbing,so she got off in the resort and chris arranged to meet her as soon as he had helped me put my husband to bed.

My husband was completly out of it with sick all down his t shirt and i would have really struggled without chris to help me,but eventually we got him to bed.as i walked to the door with chris still thanking him,he just pulled me towards him and kissed me,i could hear my husband snoring but i still responded to chris kiss.

he felt so much stronger than my husband and i was so much in need of a cock he could have been anyone that night.

we opened the door and went into chris room down the corridor,as soon as we were in the room he pushed me against the wall very firmly and began kissing me extremly hard almost taking my breath away. i could still smell his aftershave as he pushed up my top and sucked on my nipples.

I knew my daughter was waiting for chris so i knew we had little time.before i could say anything to chris i sensed his urgency as his fingers pulled my panties to one side under my skirt and without warning felt him begin to finger me still against his bedroom wall.

his fingers felt rough and very firm and when he pushed another one inside me it made me gasp.

my nails were digging in his neck as he fingered me to orgasm after i came heavily he pushed his two fingers into my mouth for me to taste,i could smell my juices as i sucked them

he pulled me over to the bed and unzipped his jeans,for the first time i saw his cock.it wasnt huge but it was good enough for me as i went to suck it,chris said we havent got time for that you can suck it when we get back home.and with that he got on top of me and still with my panties pulled to the side he pushed his cock into me.i knew he wouldnt last long and within a few mins chris told me he was coming and i felt him fill my pussy with his spunk.

He immediatly got up and put his cock away tucked himself back in and was ready to go meet my daughter.I was still very flushed and still horny so we kissed and i went back to my room and ran a bath for myself.

As i led back in the bath chris,s spunk came oozing out of my puffy swollen pussy in great dollops to which i frigged myself of over.

That happened several years ago and i never did fuck chris again but it remains a very horny experience for me.