Written by Harry

13 Feb 2006

This is a fairly unlimited fantasy of mine, that I am hoping I will get to play out soon... Any keen squash players, please apply!

John had played me several times now and although my squash game was improving, he beat me hands down. We showered and laughed and talked as we got dressed and ten minutes later we were in his car for the ride home.

5 miles out of town, having driven past my house to get here, John pulled over for his 'winners' privelage. His landrover was roomy inside and as he let his seat slide back there was plenty of space for me to lean over and undo the tie string to his tracksuit bottoms.

I was on my knees leaning across the arm rest and handbrake. John's arm snaked around me and he put his hand on my arse while i moved my mouth towards his exposed flaccid cock. I took the soft tip in between my lips and felt it start to twitch to life. I used on my my mouth, my hands planted frimly on the seat to steady myself as I bobbed my head up and down his swelling shaft.

He groaned heavily and I tried to pump his dick harder in and out of my face, but it was hard now that his fat shaft had swollen to it's full size. About 8 inches long and thick all the way round, John tenderly pushed his hips up a little with each of my down strokes making his hard helmet push onto the back of my throat.

I love haveing my mouth filled and now it was my turn to groan. John responded by pushing on my arsehole, even though I was still fully dressed, I loved the feel of him molesting me here. I think he knew that I craved for attention on my arse, though I feared his stiff cock would be too much for me, but there was no way I was going home to the wife with a swell of lube about me! This was my chain of thought as I fucked this beautiful cock with my mouth - man it got me so horny.

I recognised John's body going rigid so I held my mouth steady over him and let him move his hips to fuck my mouth faster. His body tensed some more and I felt his hot come shoot into my mouth. His hand clasped hard onto my arse as he came, wad after wad firing into my mouth - he screams out when he comes, as if I couldn't tell the job was done any other way.

I breathe heavily through my nose, keeping my lips pursed around his helmet until i feel his swellig subside and his body shivers telling me his sensitive flesh can take no more of my sucking. I let his softening dick pull from my mouth, making a slurpy noice as I hold his come in my mouth. I have never been a swallower and John obliges me by opening my window. I let his come run from my mouth, but savour a little bit and run it round my mouth with my tongue. I love your hard cock, I tell him as he rights his seat and gets ready to drive me home. I get my own dick out and wank all the way back, forcing it back into my pants before I get out and walk up the driveway.

I have got to find someway of improving my game, but only so long as my winner's privelage can still include a mouthfull of that hot sticky come!