Written by One Lucky brother In law..

15 Aug 2003

This was the realy horny unexpected day that id always fantasised about in my early days ..as a teenager.

My sister in law and I were always teasing eachother, this had gone on for about 2o yrs..she has never maried..or had kids..but she is a bit of an odd ball when it comes to guys..anyway,...the day in questio was a nice warm sunny day..id promised to put a computor table up for her and she had left me the key..I was not sure when i was gonna do this I just said when ive time id do it..she works nights and I said I could use the key she had givn me and be in and out without her being woken up, so this particular day on the spur of the moment i said to my wife im gonna do that deck for your sister as ive time..and she needed it ..

so my wife was doing shoping seeing her mother ect and i toddled off to (lets call her jane)..Janes..I quietly opened the door and proceeded to take my tools in and get about this desk..as I was unpacking it I could hear the faintest of voices and light music..I stoped and concentrated thinking she had left something on ..then I heard the unmistakable noise of moans of pleasure..

I eased my way up the stairs to her room and the door was wide open..her eyes were closed she had headsets on and her hands between her legs rubbing her clit..one hand massaging her breasts,she has a great body id wanted to fuck her for years..I continued to watch her..then hid as she opened her eyes..took out her vibrator from the drawer on her bedside cabenet and slipped it over her clit..her moans were louder..and the tip was slidding in and out of her,, it was so fucking horny..i was hard as id ever beenn i lopve to watc my wife do this and then slip my tongue and fingers in after she is nice and wet..I wanted to let her know I was there so i could maybe join her but was so nervous she may go mad and it would cause complications.......

she was nearing orgasim and her moans and movements were more frantic..I was staring at her pussy with this big pink thing plunging in and out of her..she opened her eyes and caught sight of me..biting her lip she stopped for a split second as then carrried on..she was to far gone to stop..this time keeping her eyes on me all the time she fuck herself with the vibrator..then i saw her eyes glance down at my cock it was bulging out..of my shorts..I was so hard..then when she had cum she beckoned me over i kissed her hard on her mouth and allowed my hands to stray to her erect nipples..she gasped for breath as I twisted them and kissed her deeper..her wet fingers joined my and her lips for us both to suck..she whipsered for me t take my cock out as she wanted to suck it..mmmmm it was music to my ears..she took hold of it..and again looked me in the eye and flicked her tongue over the tip..kissing down the sides making me gasp as I watched her..felt her lips iopen over the end and then her head engulf my cock completely, it was heavan..her warm wet mouth was sucking hard on my cock..my precum was making it even more juicey for her..I reached down and took hold of her vibrator..and began rubbing over her clit her legs were wide open as she sucked my cock...I let it slip over her ass..and she gasped again..sucking even harder on my cock..she took my cock out of her mouth and told me she loved it in her as..I was shocked never tried anal but was willing to learn..I took my cock out her mouht again..and kissed her neck and moved to her nipples...she had two fingers inside her wet pussy telling me how good it felt...I let my tongue find her wet hole..and slid it inside of her wet mound she cried out as i let my tongue slip deeper inside of her..still holding the vibrator in the other hand

I moved it near her ass again..she parted her legs wider wanting more..the juices had ran dow the crack of her pussy and ass and had made her hole really wet... I let the vibrator press over it a litle and had not really thought id pressed that hard co s the head had already slipped inside of her as..she went wild..bucking and riding my face I tongued her and fucked her ass with a vibrator..she screamed she was cumming and I felt her shoot into my face it was so hot and wet..I want to feel your hard cock inside me she whispered in panting fashion..so I turned her round and got her to kneeel as facing me shoulders down I grabbed her hips and told her to guide me inside of her..she did and with ease my 7 inches slipped deep inside of her..she screamed again..pushing back into me..telling me that it felt so nice...then she shouted fuck my arse..and moved forward enough for my cock to slip out of her pussy and grabbed it again this tme placing it over her ass..she pushed back slower this time.....both of us feeling the diiference in tightness.as her hole opened and allowed the head of my cock to dissapear slowly..she was making different noises now..but pushing back harder and slower yes yes yes thats fucking amazing she said..fuck me, but dont cum inside my arse..I want to taste you..

I went for about another 5 minutes before i started to feel my balls twitch...so I told her i was nearly there..

she swivalled round slid under me and started wanking me and sucking my balls it was a wonderfull feeling..then when she sensed I was ready she placed her mouth over the end lots of eye contact..as I watched her wank and suck me as I began to shoot into her mouth..she swalloed every last drop...reaching a hand between her legs..frigging her self to another orgsim same time.....I kept spurting inside her mouth the more it jerked the harder she seemed to suck..untill i had shot the lot deep inisde of her..

we led back down side by side not a word was said for about 10 minutes then she said..do you know ive always thought(sue was a lucky women ( name change for obvious reason) now I know...I can see im gonna have to buy some more flat pack furniture and get you to put it up again..laughing ..

I xcleaned myself up and went down and put together her desk..she fell back to sleep and I left without saying anything..We have since had other sessions that I may share another time..