Written by pdbis

27 Mar 2006

A couple of months ago I was sent a complimentary ticket for a health farm and was looking forward to relaxing and getting a massage and unwinding but when I got there I was shocked to find it was a men only day and I was just about to return home when a young blackman around 22/23 walked towards me said he would show me round and discuss the activities and decided to follow him and the thing that amazed me was how there were men walking around naked without a care in the world and despite being straight I even found myself looking at one or two cocks and was finding it a trun on and Leroy smiled and asked if I liked what I saw and nodded and he led me into a changing room and told me to get undressed and he would take me into the sauna.I slowly undressed and watched as Leroy stripped naked in front of me to reveal a large black cock with a huge mushroom head and I was transfixed as it began to grow and he said needed to put a towel round it for now and threw me one and we walked off to the sauna area.He opened the door and it was quite full with about 5 sat on the higher bench and 4 below and when they saw Leroy 2 went down on the lower bench and we went to the top.Leroy then whispered that anyone on the lower bench is there to suck cock and the one on top bench want theirs sucked and just then I noticed a man around early 50's rubbing up the inside of Leroys towel before Leroy leaned back and let the towel open to reveal a big hard erection and most of the other men in there looked at it and I leaned back and my towel slipped open and I too felt a hand run up my thigh and it cupped and squeezed my balls so I parted my legs and let myself be touched up by another man for the first time and it felt good as he licked uo and down my legs then over my balls before running up down my shaft and Leroy leaned in and kissed one of my hard nipples then he kissed me on the lips and I was in a daze as he slipped his tongue in my mouth and the young man had my cock inside his mouth sucking me hard like a hoover I pushed his head down and jeld it there as I shot my warm spunk down his hungry mouth and he swallowed it all then cleaned my cock and balls before standing up and smiling and he was gone.Leroy then tapped the man sucking his cok on the head and looked me in the eye and pointed to hhis glistening black cock and I knew what he wanted and I managed to get bewteen his legs and began to lick his cock and heavy balls and loved the taste of this blackman and lofed his smell which was embedded in my nostrils and I knew he would shoot soon so I quicked up the pace and managed to mumble that O wanted him to spunk down my throat and it came like a flood down my thorat and it tasty lumpy but so nice and I felt my cock start to harden again and Leroy got another man to lay underneath and suck me as he pumped his cum into my mouth and I didn't last long but the cocksucker didn't care.Leroy had to go and mingle with the other guests but he told me to go to reception around an hour before I left.I enjoyed the company of many men that day of all ages,colours,sizes and was converted and now am not against cock on cock fun even though I still like pussies and the ideal fun is a couple who like to share their bed with another man.