Written by Nina

15 Aug 2005

My boyfriend and I have always been very open sexualy..im 23 and he is 36 so there is a bit of an age gap..Ive always been highly sexed and had lots of fantasies but only realy been ope about them since I met Marc.We have fantasised often enough about visitng sex clubs and cinemas etc...but hadnt plucked up the courage.One night we had been out with friends on our way home we pass a naturist spa which advertises couples nights etc.The reviews seemed to suggest some action..and we plucked up the courage to go in.We'd had drink which relaxed us but were not drunk.I went into the girls changing..I took off my jeans and top..removing my bra but keeping mythong on..it was tight and white..im slim with an olive skin bein mixed race and have a nice athletic figure.Another woman got chatting to me and said that as it was gone midnight..it was now open to single men.I was a bit nervous at this but walked into the club and met Marc..he was naked and was chattin to a couple of guys.I could feel lots of men looking me up and down and altho nervous i was feelin quite horny..most of the guys were naked and seemed a bit older..40s and over but there were some impressive cocks on display..Marc isnt small but one or two of the cocks were very big.As we were talking..one of the guys put his hand on my bum ..i looked at marc who winked and smiled...the guys suggested me move to one of the hot tubs..we got in ..I WAS THE ONLY GIRL WITH 6 GUYS...i could see them wanking under the water.Marc started playing with my pussy..and i was getting so wet..one of the guys stood up to go to the loo sporting a huge hard on...Marc invited two guys over and soon I had a mouth on eah nipple...Marc then got up and whispered in my ear..enjoy..he then moved away to sit at the bar....the two guys sat either side and continued their sucking on my nipples but then i felt two sets of fingers between my legs rubbing my pussy..I was so nervous but turned on...my thong was soon off and my legs spread....the other guys in the pool stood round cocks in hand and soon i was sucking on dicks and being fingered....one of the guys pulled me on top of him and pushed his big cock inside me....i was fucked so hard by 4 of the guys and covered in cum....I visit there regularly now with Marc but also alone....