Written by Jacob G.

18 Feb 2003

Heidi knew that Jacob could both see and hear her from his cubicle at the office. Jacob was an average guy, kind of quiet. He was all business with all the office girls and Heidi was bound and determined to get Jacob to play "office" with her one evening after work.

Heidi started with subtle things. One day, she undid her blouse a couple of buttons. She had worn her plunging black lace push up bra that day, so with the buttons undone, the curves of her breast were well displayed. Heidi saw Jacob look up and catch the show. He tried not to be obvious but couldn't keep from looking at her tits every few minutes. Heidi rose up a little and reached for something on her desk, to give Jacob a better look. She heard him drop his papers and scramble for them. She giggled to herself. When she sat back down, she said softly, but loud enough for Jacob to hear, "oh my God, my blouse is undone!" Heidi then slowly buttoned back up, watching Jacob out of the corner of her eye.

A couple of days later, Heidi rushed into the office. She was wearing a brown suede miniskirt with a white sleeveless sweater. Heidi pulled Cindy into her cubicle and said, "Cindy, damn, I forgot to wear a bra. Can you tell?" Cindy stepped back, "I think you'll be okay Heidi, as long as your nipples don't get hard. I know how you are when you're thinking about sex... keep your thoughts clean and you'll be fine." Cindy giggled as she walked off. Heidi made sure her nipples stayed hard most of the day, and Bobby made sure to check often. Heidi knew her plan was heading in the right direction. At the end of the day, Heidi walked over to Jacob's cubicle.

"Jacob, could I ask you for a favour," Heidi asked while posing provocatively, arching her breasts to display her erect nipples. "Uh, sure... Heidi... what, what, how can I do you... I mean... can I do you... I mean... what, can I do for you?" Jacob managed to finally get out. Heidi giggled, "Jacob, you are so silly. What I wanted to ask you was, I mean, if you have free time tonight... I have to work on an assignment that is due tomorrow. Could you stay and help me?" Jacob was quick to answer yes.

Heidi walked back to her cubicle allowing enough space between her and Jacob so that he could watch the swing of her hips. She had a chair already sat next to hers and she turned to face Jacob as she slowly sat in her seat. She purposely kept her eyes on his while she sat down with her legs parted. Jacob just about tripped setting down next to her. "Jacob, guess what?" Heidi asked seductively. "What, Heidi?" Jacob asked, feeling his temperature rise. Heidi leaned over and placed her hand on his inner thigh, and as she slid it up towards his crotch she said, "Everybody in the building is gone, Jacob." As she said, "Jacob," she let her hand rest on the firm bulge in his pants.

Heidi told Jacob that she had been having a fantasy in which Jacob was her boss and that they had stayed late on night after work and had an evening of naughty play time. heidi asked Jacob if he wanted to play "Naughty Boss" with her, he nodded his head as Heidi stood up and began unbuttoning her blouse. "Get naked then, you naughty boss," Heidi ordered Jacob.

Jacob obeyed and was completely naked in less than a minute, standing there with his hands over his erect cock. "Okay, Jacob... play naughty with me," Heidi teased as she slipped out of her skirt, leaving only a pair of black lace panties and bra on.

Jacob, still a little nervous to be naked at the office, sat down on the chair and pulled Heidi onto his lap. He undid her bra and enjoyed sucking Heidi's hard nipples while she stroked his cock with her hands. "Oh Jacob, I've been wanting to get my hands on your stiff cock ever since I first laid my eyes on it". Heidi's firm grip on Jacob's cock while she stroked had him almost ready to shoot.

"Heidi, I want to play hide the cock with you. You close your eyes and I will hide my cock and you will have to guess where I hide it." Heidi giggled and closed her eyes. "Are you going to put it in my mouth or my pussy?" Heidi giggled as she asked. Jacob pushed her to her hands and knees. He slowly lowered himself onto her, teasingly rubbing his cock on her ass cheeks. "So, Jacob, you like to do it doggie-style?" Heidi said teasingly. "No Heidi," Jacob said as he bit her neck and then rammed his hard cock into her arse, "I like to arse fuck."

Jacob slammed his hard cock in and out as heidi gasped. Heidi could feel every inch of his stiff hot thick cock. "Now heidi, tell me where did I hide my cock?" Heidi gasped as she said, "In my arse, Jacob!" "I can't hear you Heidi, where is my hard cock, Heidi?" Jacob demanded while he pinched her nipples in between thrusts. "Deep in my arse, Jacob. Your cock is right up my arse," Heidi shouted. "What is my cock doing to your arse, Heidi?" Jacob demanded. "You're cock is fucking my arse deep, Jacob," Heidi answered breathlessly. "Tell me what to do, heidi, tell me" Jacob ordered. "Fuck my arse, Jacob. Fuck my arse and then fill it with your hot spunk deep in my a-r-s-e uuuugh" Heidi gasped and repeated this until Jacob exploded inside of her filling her arse up with hot sticky spunk.

"Heidi, you can ask me to stay late anytime," Jacob said with a satisfied smile on his face.