Written by Graham

27 Jul 2005

You may remeber last week Sophie and I went dogging and met a lesbian who said she would contact us for some more fun. Wel last night she did.

Sophie rang me to say Helene had been in touch and was coming to the hotel for a threesome and if I was free I sshould be there about 8o'clock.

I was there on time and Sophie said she would be a while as she had some diners in but Helene was in our usual room. I went up to room 5 and knocked. the door was opened by Helene dressed in a short strappy black dress which showed her figure oof superbly. She said come in and we sat on the bed. I told her Sophie had been delayed but would join us in a while. She said she knew this as she had been making it with her all afternoon.

She told me she was 23 and had never had experience with a man. She had lost her virginity to her stepmother when she was 15 and had had a series of affairs with other women since then, she had had one longterm relationship with a girl student who shared her room at university, since then she had one night stands similar to our escapade last week.

I asked her if she minded if I felt her body and she imagined I was a woman. After some thought she said OK.

I slipped her straps down he shoulders and undid her zip. The dress fell to the floor. She wore a pink lacy thong and no bra.

My lips found her nipples on her smooth 36B breasts and they were soon standing upright. As I nibbled at them she made a purring sound and fell on the bed.I Lay beside her felling her writhing as I nibbled her.I slid my hand down her smooth stomach and into her bush.Her slit was wet and her clit erect. I tweaked it between my finger and thumb and she started groan.I squeezed harder and she screamed out loud and shuddered for several seconds.

'God. That was a superb climax. Do it again.'

I repeated the treatment but ended up slipping my finger into her cunt. Her hot juices were running from onto her thighs. Iasked if I coud drink them and she agreed. I licked up her juices andmoved my tongue into her hole she squealed with delight and came again.

I took her hand and placed it round my cock. She had never felt one before but said it was like a dildo her stepmother used on her but warmer and softer. I taught her to wank me a nd she was surprised when I shot my load onto her breasts.She had never seen cum before and she ran her fingers over it and tasted it. She said she was n't sure about its salty taste.

we lay there chatting while my cock recovered and I slid it into her crack.

'That feels good,' she murmered 'You can put it in me if you like.I would like to see if its like a dildo.'

I pushed it into her hole which was firm and deep and heard her sharp intake of breath as it reached inside her.

' That is wonderful,' she cried 'much better than a dildo.'

I began to move in and out of her channel pushing deeper each time. Soon I coould feel her depth. She started purring again and clenching her cunt muscles with each thrust. I increased my rythm and was soon near my climax.

'I'm going to come.' I said 'Do you...'

'Do it!!! Do it !!!' she screamed. I pumped her harder and shot my load into her. Sshe shook violently and came with me. We separated and lay back to get our breath.

'I wish that had happenned to me before. Can we do it again?'

I took my flacid cock and placed it in her mouth and she sucked it gently until it stiffened. I the rolled her on to her back and entered her cunt from behind. She impaled herself on me and beagn sqeezing me with her muscles. I reached round her and sroked her breasts. We soon both came together.

Sophie had entered the room whilst we were fucking and had quietly stripped and was feeling her cunt as we reached our climax.

'That looked good, now I'm going to join in.'

The three of us fucked eachother all night until Sophie had to go and make breakfast for her guests. She said she would bring us some too.

Whilst we waited we showered and had some more fun soaping eachothers parts.Helene said she was glad I had taken her from her lesbian life and shown her what fun a man could be.