Written by Brian and Mo

6 Feb 2005

We have known our next door neighbours for over 20 years and they have become our closest friends. Last summer Jack was going through a rough period in his life. He is in his early 40's as is his wife Lorraine. Because of a health problem he was advised to lose weight. This he achieved with the help of pills. One side effect as he explained to Mo, my wife and to me Brian, one hot saturday night at our local was that he could not maintain an erection and Lorraine was becoming very frustrated. We always freely discussed our problems with one another and we found it helped to resolve them. Anyway that night we went back to our terraced house for a nightcap when Lorraine asked me to have a look at a cupboard in her dining room with a door virtually off its hinges. Jack was no good at DIY. I agreed and in minutes I had fixed the hinge with ease. I turned round to find the petite Lorraine shaking. I asked what ws wrong and gave her a cuddle. Next moment she was kissing me passionately getting me seriously roused. Then her hand went straight to my hard cock. She whispered huskily that we should go upstairs. I followed her beautiful bottom up the staircase into the bedroom where we both kissed ravenously and tore off our clothes. We lay side by side on the squeaky bed. She held my cock as though she was frightened I would lose my hard-on. I fingered her wet pussy for a few minutes whereupon she got on top of me and slid the silken sheath over my manhood. The bed was making aloud jangle as I thrust away. After a couple of minutes I felt her open-up. She was almost crying with relief. Next I exploded in her like a grenade and kept pulsing. Next door I heard Mo and Jack's voice in the bedroom. She must be showing him the latest macrame work she had done and kept in the bedroom cupboard. I left Lorraine fast asleep with the look of an angel. So peaceful and serene.

I returned home and entered quietly. Something was going on upstairs. I crept up and looked into our bedroom. The light was on and I could see Jack's bare arse moving rhythmically above my recumbent wife with Mo letting out a series of satisfied grunts. I stayed watching them until they both came spontaneously. I found I was getting another hard-on watching them and felt shivers run down my spine. I waited till Jack got dressed and went down stairs slamming the front door announcing my arrival. Jack came down with an impish smile on his face. Mo's macrame is something else he said and let himself out. Mo was still on top of the bed. There was a wet patch beside her. She explained that they had been looking at her macrame when they heard the bed squeaking next door. I was obvious what was going on between Lorraine and me. Jack was immediately roused by this and Mo wanting to help him with his problem decided to make love to him. He rose brilliantly to the occasion.

Mo and I then made strenuous love and as we did so the springs of the bed next door started to sing.