Written by wife watcher

21 Mar 2005

We had talked about this night quitea few times - and then the opportunity arose - for her to make acompleteb slut of herself while I watched - in the lounge and she brought her new boyfriend home - she started slowly kissing and modestly dressed - while he gently explored her thinly covered bnody - slowly caressing her through the material - and then gradually exposing her in front of me bit by bit.

Then his fingers got more insistent - tweaking her breasts and nipples - to help I loosened her bra and feed her bobs - which he hungrily devoured in a fit of passion - then ghis fingers found their way through he panties pressing and probing - finding her wetness - I leant over and kissed her deeply as his fingers found theor target. She started to move responsively and straddelled him rubbing her sex on his hard erection and pressed her boobs into his face.

I could see that they were about to get very close - and I watched from behind - assisting by pulling her panties to one side as he pressed to enter her - For a moment he rubebd and pressed at her entrance - and there was a glorious moment of anticipation as I wondered if he would enter her -then he did - thrusting into her and pushing smoothly - then a glorious moment as his big cock slid up her hole - and they began to fuck with a strong rythym. He took her with him on top - then her - then he did ger doggie style and then went through the positions again - asking her to beg him to fuck her and telling her what a total bitch and dirty slut she was for wanting to be fuckedf in front of her husband.

Knowing her proclivaties - I went to get the ky jelly and rubbed it around her rear end - slowly she withdrew him and as I watched from behind - positioned him to spear her in th aass - as he began to slide into that hole she turned and I bent down to french kiss her - showing approval for he r behabviour with her new boyfriend.

Later I wa sable to licke her out thorughly as she maturbated herself - thinking of how wonderfully slutty she had behaved that night.