Written by my wife and i and steve

3 Apr 2004

my wife who was a randy tease is 43 and quite good looking. we where driving home one evening from manchester to luton after a weekend with friends, my wife who was quite drunk was asleep and i had undone her dress and removed her underware as this helped me stay awake as we travelled along the motorway i pulled in at the services for a bottle of pop, as i came out i was approached by a young chap who asked if there was any chance of a lift as his car was broken down and needed to get to oxford,i asked him to show me his car which he did and he seemed genuin and produced an id card he was a university student aged 23.I decided to help out and as we went to the car i'd forgot till i got there how i'd left my wifes dress open, and as he got in the back, me in the drivers door i just ignored it as i noticed he was having a good look and i got a sudden urge go through my body like never before, my wife half opened her eyes and said ok love and i explained the situation she just softly said hello half turning her head, he said hi and that he appreciated the help and at the same time he moved himself towards the back of me as the room behind my wife was tight with the chair half reclined, i said its ok she had had a lot to drink and wasn'nt quite with it, she looked up and smiled and said i'm fine she never even attempted to cover up which excited me further, and as we drove off me and steve the chap got chatting and my wife was still in a dreamy state,so i said put you chair right back and have a kip which she reclined the seat fully and i now know pretended to go to sleep. i said to steve pointing to my wifes naked legs sorry steve it helps me stay awake and there's no point in me being embarrassed now and he laughed and said don't worry i was abit embarressed at first more than you and we chatted and laughed at different suggestions, he began telling me his parents lived in manchester and he was studying to be an engineer, i asked if he had a girl friend and he said no he was too busy studying and then joked and said but your wife is making me think about getting one, don't know why but i instantly put my hand on my wifes dress and undone more buttons now exposing her fanny and i said shame your missing out and he just said jee dead right, so i said to my wife loudly your teasing this poor fellow and she said without opening her eyes i'm not you are i said have you been listening and she giggled,cut a long story short it wasn't long before he was groping her tits i was fingering her at the same time and could feel she was ripe for the occasion i said to my wife if your not a cockteaser you should do something for him and to my delight she said what and i said give the poor bloke a suck and she said teasingly, he may not want one, so i said be honest steve would you refuse he giggled and said no way, and at this my wife said oh what the hell and leaned up a little and began to undo his trousers which without hesitation steve began helping and pulled his trousers and underware down and my wife took hold of his roch hard cock and guided it into her waiting mouth and began sucking him off he was half crouched and she was facing my way with her head facing slightly up i was nearly coming as i was fingering her and rubbing her clit and it wasn't long before he started to come and she took him in deeper as he jerked to an orgasm and kept wanking him in and out as he came in her mouth, but instead of stopping she kept sucking and i felt her come as she riggled and took all of his come down her throat, when they finished he kept saying wow iv' never had that done to me before and then said it was his first time and kept thanking her, over polite at times but quite nice, my wife just said arr and was chatting to him and he was saying different things and admitted he was a bit shy about girls and listening to this and adding a few comments, after about an hour or so driving, i stopped in a services and found a quite spot and asked my wife if she wanted to help him loose his virginity, she needed no persuading to my delight and climbed into the back moved the seat and steve eager by now undressed and my wife guided his cock into her she sat astride him amd leaned down and he began sucking her nipples i could see she kept using her hand to delay him and she eventually started to ride him hard as she began to sweat and was herself coming to a climax he began bucking up and down faster and faster and she squeeled with delight as he shot inside her and she just kept going untill she orgasamed almost at the same time,she was licking her lips due to the dryness as they riggled gently together for what seemed ages, she then kissed him and climbed into the front and i guided her to my aching cock and she new what i wanted in return. it wasn't long before i started to come and held her head so she would have to swallow all my come,and i just kept fucking her mouth untill every drop had been removed she gurgled at one point but i was to far gone and she managed to take me all the way as she hadn't done this fully with me before and now i was second to a 23 year old. i have to admit it i was as turned on as she was. we took steve all the way to oxford in the end, and my wife even sucked him off competely one more time before we got there. When we arrived he said thanks for a great time he shook my hand and kissed my wife on the lips which was sweet,she is still living in fantasy land and often we discuss it whilst making love.what a night.