Written by michael

1 Dec 2003

i was traveling from norwich to london last week on the outskirts of norwich i saw a quite mature woman late 50,s hitching she had a board saying london so i pulled over she got in and asked where i was going i lied and said cambridge she said thats on the way and of we went she told me she had to get to newham hospital to see her dad she said she was skint or she would have got the train she started to cry she said is there any way i could take her there i said not really i had a important meeting in cambridge (lying) she said if i took her there she would do ANYTHING i agreed we pulled into a service area and walked into the woods behind it i pushed my hand up her dress she was wearing stockings i pulled her knickers to one side and fingered her she was very wet i pushed down on her shoulders she knelt down and sucked my very stiff cock after a few minutes i told her to stand up turned her round she leant forward against a tree i started to fuck her from behind after a few minutes i looked round to see two lorry drivers watching they asked if there was any spare she jumped when she heard their voices i told her to keep still i was going to help her i said £10 each they could both fuck her they agreed i finished off coming over her arse the first driver came and fucked her face to face against the tree shooting his load deep inside her the second one only wanted a blowjob coming in her mouth while this was going on some more guys turned up i told them what was going on they were very keen to join in by the time she got to the hospital she had £100 in her purse and she sucked me off in the car park as thanks