Written by Dave & Lisa

30 Jan 2006

My wife and I have just returned from the best holiday ever and I have to share this experience. We have been married for 5 years now and have a great sex life in general. I have always wanted to see Lisa get fucked by another man and have suggested that we try a 3 some but she has always dismissed the idea. We booked a weeks skiing in a popular Austrian resort and after a long hard days skiing we decided to make use of the hotel pool and jacuzzi to relieve our aching muscles. Adjacent to the pool are a couple of mixed communal showers. We had noticed the previous few days that many of the men and women made use of the showers after being in the pool and went in totally naked which at first was a bit of a culture shock. The shower room had a lock on the outer door but the cubicals were doorless. Anyway after spending a while in the jacuzzi we decided to make use of the showers and I removed my shorts and took a shower. Lisa jokingly said if you are showing all your assets then so am I, and removed her bakini and jumped in the adjacent cubicle. There were a german couple and a single guy in the pool at the time. Whilst in the shower I noticed the single guy come in to the shower room and stood waiting for a shower to become available. I expected Lisa to immediatley throw a towel around herself and run for cover but she stayed in the shower. After a few minutes i noticed the guy had a semi erection and thought that this was sure to freak Lisa out but it didn't. Having hogged the shower for long enough I decided to get out an let the guy have the shower. As I got out I saw Lisa casually smile at the guy and then smile at me in a cheeky sort of way. He got in the shower I had just vacated and Lisa waved me over to her. She whispered softly in my ear that the guy had been watching her shower and she was now really horny!.. I told her "you know it has always been a fantasy of mine". And she said "want to make it a reality?". I was so shocked I just stood there and nodded stupidly. She prompted me to lock the outer door which I duly did, a fact which the guy had clearly noticed as he smiled at me in a sort of approving way. Lisa goy out of the shower and kissed me very passionatly as she waved the guy over to us. He was out of the shower like a shot and we introduced ourselves to eachother he told us he was Franz and was from Hambourg in very good english. I asked him if he would like to join us for a little fun. He did not need asking twice as he bent down and began to suck Lisa's tits. He was around 6 foot tall with a good physique and around our age. As Franz played with Lisa's tit his hand worked down her body to her fully shaven pussy and he worked her pussy with his finger. I positioned myself to the other side and played began to suck and nibble her other nipple which she really loves. I could feel her body trembling slightly as he inserted first one then 2 fingers inside her. He pumped his fingers in and out of her for a few minutes and i could see his fingers glisten with her hot sticky juices. He withdrew his fingers and sucked her juices off them. Lisa immediately dropped to her knees and began to run her tongue up and down his dick before taking the end in her mouth. As she was giving Franz a blow job I reached down and began to play with her pussy which was absolutely gushing with juices. Lisa began to moan softly and sucked greedily on his dick as he ran his hands through her hair pulling her deeper on to his dick. I think he would have been happy just to receive a blow job but I wanted to see him fuck Lisa. I pulled one of the benches away from the wall slightly and told Lisa to kneel on all fours which she eagerly did. I stood to one end and presented by fully erect dick for her to suck and Franz took the other end bagan to play with her pussy. He positioned himself behind her and looked at me for approval to fuck her. He began to rub his dick along the length of her slit and began to slowly enter her. Lisa groaned as he entered her fully and began to slowly fuck her. She bobbed her head and sucked my dick furiously as she pushed back to meet his thrusts. To see my wife being spit roasted was absolutely fantastic and I had to really try hard to stop myself coming straight away. Franz pumped his dick in out of her with increasing speed as she pushed back to meet his thrusts ensuring she took his full lenght which was around 7" to 8". I withdrew my dick from her mouth as I was on the verge of coming and knew I would not be able to hold back. She groaned louder and louder as I saw her body tremble as a massive orgasm caused her whole body to spasm. Franz fucked her very furiously as her body shook. "gut ya" said Franz to which Lisa just replied with a moan. He continued to fuck her making her come again before withdrawing and shooting his load over her arse cheeks and small of her back. Lisa wiped his spunk from her and eagerly swallowed it as I took his position and began to fuck her. After a few seconds I too was on the verge of coming and withdew. I told her to sit up and she sucked and wanked my dick. I shot my load over her face and in her mouth which she eagerly swallowed. As Franz and I chatted Lisa went back in the shower and cleaned herself up. I arranged to meet Franz in the bar after dinner for a drink etc. We all dressed and we went back to our room and I could not wait to fuck her again as soon as we got back to our room. We met Franz in the bar later that evening and chatted for a while. Lisa said she loved the experience but felt guilty. I told her it was the most erotic experience of my life and I loved watching her take another dick.. We arranged to meet Franz again the following night and took him back to our room where we spent 3 hours spoiling Lisa. Now we have returned home we are going to fulfil another fantasy by visiting a swinging club. Cant wait!