Written by Cuckold husband

31 Jul 2005

My wife and I often swap partners and more often she has men on her own while I watch - last year we decided to go to Cap D'Agde naturist centre in Southern France partly so she could naked for 10 days but also so she could view hundreds of naked attractive men and women. during the day everone is naked and in the evening many of the women dress in outfits that would get them arrested in the UK. One night my wife went out to a restaurant there in a see through top and a vey short skirt with no knickers on and deliberatley opened her legs during the meal. As she is a size 10/12 lady, in her 40's with 36C tits and blonde hair, the waiters found her attractive and plied us with free wine during and after themeal. When I went to the tiolet one of the waiters asked us if we were swingers and a I said "yes" asked if my wife would perform at the back of the restaurant with them. I told him to ask her.

When I returned my wife was smiling and another free bottle fo wine appeared - she said "I am just going to the tiolet, but may be some time" After about 10 minutes she had not returned and I asked the waiter if he had seen her - he said he had and so had two other waiters who were looking at her at the back of the restuarant. I went to the back and saw her on her knees sucking off one of the waiters and wanking the other. She then changed over and sucked the other cock. Whenshe saw me she said " I will be back soon dear, just tipping the waiters." I left her to it and after another 15 minutes she returned to the table.

When we left I asked her if she wanted to go to one of the bars see if there were any men she fancied and she said she would because the two men who had already fucked her at the back of the restaurant had made her feel really slutty and she wanted a man in our bed. A good job she carried condoms in her handbag.

We went to the bar and after a while she started chatting to a young man from Spain - as he could plainly see her nipples through her top he knew she was not shy. He asked her about English men and their reputation as poor lovers - she said her husband was OK (thankyou sweetheart)but she preferred continental lovers. At this he bought her a drink and they chatted on. when it was time to go I noticed they were holding hands and she said he was coming back to our apartment for a nightcap, so the three of us did just that. She poured him a drink and then sat on his lap whilst I went for a shower and when I returned, naked, I found them both naked and snogging heavily. They ignored me and got on the bed and immediatley got into a 69 position with his tongue inside her pussy and his cock well into her mouth. She sucked and sucked and suddenly he came - she swallowed all of it and then got up and came over to me to kiss me open-mouthed so I could taste her lover's cum.

She then turned round to him and played with herself to get him hard again. This time she lowered herself onto his cock, facin me and looking me straight in the eye, fucked the young man, saying "this is a much better cock than my husband's"

She fucked him and then turned round on all fours so I could see his cock entering her from behind - He fucked her really hard and made her cum at least once before cumming himself.

They collapsed and I got them a fresh drink each. My wife said she was tired and invited the man to get into bed with her, which he did. I slept in the other bedroom while my wife slept with her young lover. In the morning I took them a hot drink in bed - they were both naked and kissing passionatley when I left them to bring fresh bread. When I returned the man was fucking my wife again and I had breakfast alone waiting until they had finished.

They went to shower each other after finishing their morning fuck and I made them both breakfast. After htat the man left and my wife said that later that day the two of them were meeting up with a couple the man knew to see if a foursome could be arranged.

In th afternoon the man came to our paartment and said all was fixed up - that evening my wife dressed in a red dress with nothing underneath and so low anyone could see her nipples. I made sure the bed was well prepared as the foursome was taking place in our apartment. The other couple and the man turned up and after introductions and drinks served by me they began to get together with the men stripping both the women. I retired to the balcony and watched from there whilst both men fucked my wife in tirn and together, spit roasting her while the other woman sucked her tits. She sucked off both men and the woman and the woman sucked her whilst my wife as sucking tewo cocks at once. All the time I was slowly wanking and watching her have holiday fun - I came twice watching her.

After the sex was finished the couple went to their apartment and my wife asked if it was Ok to go to the man's apartment for th night. I said "Of Course, as long as you have fun" With that they left and I did not see her until mid-day next day. She said she had been fucked at his partment in his bed both when they got there and most of the morning and she was not having sex again until the next day at the earliest to let her pussy amd mouth recover.

During that holiday she fucked 7 men, some on more than one occasion and when we got home she said she had been such a slut ( completely opposite to her normal life) and that she would not have done it but for my encouragement. I told her that we would be reurning to Cap D'Agde and this time would make prior arrangements with a number of couples and men who wanted a slut on holiday and that I would only wank and watch, or let her sleep with any men she liked. I suggeste that one of the days should be "filthy slut day" and that she should try to have sex with anyone who spoke to her, even if she did not fancy them. She really likes the idea of being used for a whole day, especially if the men are not een nice or have decent cocks - being used as a sex object for a day is going to be raely good.