Written by vanessa

5 Oct 2004

We recently had a holiday in spain with our friends on their farm.

Myself and my husband , both in our early fifties together with our hosts teenage children and their partners.

One of these was a twenty two old west Indian boy, with a body to die for. My husband knows I have always lusted after black cock, and this holiday was no exception. The first night when I fucked my husband , we both got turned on fantasying about what was in Steve,s swimming trunks, which I had kept my eye on most of the day.

I was determined to have him somehow in the week we were there.

The first couple of days were uneventful, just lying by the pool. However when the youngsters were splashing about, I made a point of joining in and fooling around with steve in the pool.

several times im sure he noticed as i grabbed his trunks and rubbed my hands over his dick.

On about the third day, all the other people decided to go the beach, I had said I had too much sun and would stay around the house and pool.

My heart jumped when I heard Steve say he wasn’t feeling too well and needed to stay in the shade.

Im sure I caught his knowing glance, indicating what was to come.

I lay down by the pool in my bikini and after about half an hour noticed Steve sitting reading under the sunshade.

I slipped off my top and lay face down , pretending to be a sleep but in reality peeping across to Steve and fantasizing. i know its corny but i did the obvious thing and asked him to rub suntan oil on my back.

He jumped up and came straight over, within seconds his strong black hands were sliding over my oily back. I let out a little wimper as he slid his hands down my side and stroked the edge of my tits. “you like this “ he said “ oh its really sexy, don’t stop” I whispered. With that he became more adventurous and moved behind and straddled me. “oh give me a good massage “ . his hands moved much firmer now, and he reached round my body to grasp my tits . the feeling of these black fingers stroking my nipples was turning me on . Next they moved down to my bottom and thighs, I slowly spread my legs as his hands rubbed along inside my inner thighs, his fingers would linger around my narrow bikini bottom, slowly he worked them into my moist pussy as I let out a gentle moan. It was incredibly sexy , he moved over to the side and I was able to rub the front of his costume , feeling for the first time his hardening monster cock. Suddenly he flipped me over and stuck his lovely hard, throbbing big black cock straight in my face. I could do nothing but oblige, grabbed his shaft with one hand, his balls with the other and fed him into my mouth.

I licked his glans and slid my tongue along his huge length.

All the time I wondered how much I could fit in , I don’t know whether my pussy or mouth was the wetter.

He pulled down my bikini bottoms exposing my shaved pussy, the whiteness seemed to harden him instantly, he turned over me and pulled my legs apart as his head dived between them and I felt his tongue explore my moistness, all the time I held his black cock in my mouth , continually sucking on his wonderful ebony pole.

I squealed as he ate me out , and begged him to fuck me. He turned me on to all fours and I thrust my arse upwards to invite his long black cock in. I reached up between my legs and gasped as I felt its sheer size. He knelt behind me and I guided him in.

I’ve never felt so full in all my life, it was massive, it filled me completely as he slid back and forth the sensations inside me were incredible. I was coming in a constant stream. He lent forward and grabbed my tits and began to fuck me fast and furious. I don’t think I’ve ever been fucked so hard , he slammed into me and even having had three children it felt like I was completely enveloping his cock, so big was he. I could hear him grunting as he piled into me. Suddenly he pulled out , turned me over and straddled my body , his huge black cock pulsated in front of my face and spurted milky come all over my eyes ,mouth and chin. Being thirty years younger than my husband he seemed to come twice as much and with three times the force. I greedily grabbed his cock with both hands and sucked him dry.

After a quick clean up we both slid into the pool and embraced in the cool water,by the time the others returned we had cooled down both physically and mentally.