Written by Chris & Nicki

1 Sep 2004

I could hardly say no when my cock in her mouth tasted of Emma's pussy, 'of course I did' I replied 'did you screw Richard while we were out?' 'no' she said 'but I will tonight'. We showered and changed and I fired up the barbeque whilst Nicki prepared some food. Shortly Richard and Emma arrived 'Hi Chris did you have a good time on the boat today?' Richard asked with a knowing look in his eye 'superb' I replied feeling a little embarrased until Nicki chirped up with 'I'm sure we will ALL have a good time tonight as well'. That seemed to set the tone for the evening and over dinner as the booze flowed the conversation became more sexually charged. By the time we had finished eating we had all become a little tipsy and Nicki suggested that we play cards, strip poker to be more precise, but to spice it up a bit if one the men lost the two girls would remove an item of clothing for him and vice versa, Emma then added that the two people removing the clothes should also kiss an area of flesh that they had just uncovered. Well boys will be boys and Richard and I readily agreed, I lost the first hand and Nicki and Emma removed my T shirt and then kissed one nipple each suddenly I realised my cock was rock hard and straining at the front of my trousers. Nicki lost the next hand and I could see Richards eyes light up as we both helped Nicki out of her blouse, Nicki' breasts whilst not huge were considerably bigger than Emma's and Richard licked his lips before planting a kiss on the upper part of Nicki's right breast which was fighting to stay in the top of her half cup bra. Next to lose a hand was Richard whose T shirt quickly followed mine in a heap on the floor, then Nicki lost another hand and I could sense the disappointment in Richard as Nicki insisted that her skirt should come off next and not her bra as we were hoping for. As Nicki's skirt came off to reveal her rounded arse cheeks separated only by the string of her thong he suddenly regained his interest and gave Nicki a gentle lingering kiss on her arse cheeks, by now Richard's cock was also straining at the leash and I was getting more turned on by the thought of watching him fuck Nicki later. I think that Emma deliberately lost the next hand as she was feeling a little left out and as Richard and I slipped her top over her head those beautiful pert breasts once again sprang into veiw, Richard gave her nipple a cursory peck but I let my kiss linger all the while watching Nicki who was silently urging me on. Nicki again lost the next hand and as we freed her breasts from the confines of her bra Richard feasted hs eyes on them for a while before slipping his lips around her firm nipple and sucking and kissing till Nicki moaned with pleasure.

'Oh fuck the cards let's get naked' said Emma who was also reaching for one of Nicki's nipples with her tongue, Nicki laid back on the couch and with Richard and Emma working her nipples I eased her thong over her hips and down her thighs to reveal her freshly shaved super smooth pussy. I then turned my attention to Emma and slid her shorts down only to find she was already naked underneath I kissed those firm arse cheeks as I did so then Emma turned around and took down my trousers and shorts before kissing me gently right on the end of my knob. I looked across at Nicki who had wasted no time in getting Richard out of his remaining clothes and was hungrily sucking on his cock, that was my cue to go for it and began licking Emma's clit for the second time that day. Nicki suggested that we all go to the bedroom where it would be more comfortable, once there the fun really began as Emma went down on me with her arse in the air, Nicki wriggled under her to lick her pussy and Richard was fucking Nicki missionary style. After several changes of position and countless orgasms by everyone we fell asleep. I awoke to the feeling of having my cock sucked back to life and opened one eye to spy Emma working hard on my cock her lips rolling up and down my ever growing shaft, as I opened my other eye Nicki's pouting pussy lips were less than an inch from my own lips and with a little stretch of my neck I gently floated my tongue across her pussy. It wasn't long before all three of us were approaching our orgasms and it was only then did I notice Richard furiously wanking himslf off over Nicki's face and tits, we all came in quick succesion each one setting off another until we were all spent and collapsed back on the bed.

We spent the remainder of our holiday in complete abandon having sex in any combination that we fancied, sometimes one guy two girls, sometimes two guys one girl, sometimes all four of us and sometimes just the two girls together while we guys just watched and wanked. The only combination we didn't try was two guys alone together, but thats a 'man thing'. Since we have returned from Minorca Nicki and I have seen Richard and Emma a couple of times at their home and at ours but something just isn't the same, perhaps it the fact that we have more rain than sunshine and we can't hear the waves cascading onto the rocks at the bottom of our garden.