Written by Chris & Nicki

31 Aug 2004

I then laid Emma on the cushions on the coachroof and slowly, gently caressed her inner thighs with my lips and tongue. Slowly I inched my way towards her moist lips carefully avoiding any contact with her pussy, she began to arch her back lifting her glistening pussy lips towards my gentle caresses. Each time I pulled away hightening her pleasure by blowing softly across her neatly trimmed bush, 'don't tease me please' she begged and pulled my head firmly into her crutch, I kissed her fully on her pussy lips letting my tongue drift slowly onto her twitching clit. At the first touch of my tongue on her clit Emma cried out and clamped my head with a vice like grip between her thighs and shuddered as the first throws of her orgasm gripped her, she bucked like a startled rodeo pony as I held on to her buttocks and continued to lick her clit as her orgasm took full control of her. After what seemed like a lifetime Emma came down from her climax and relaxed her grip on my head and I could finally come up for air, we laid still together for a while my head still resting on her mound.

I sailed the boat into one of Minorca's many deserted small coves only accesible by sea and dropped the anchor and we skinny dipped to the tiny beach. Once there we found a small grassy knoll just behind the beach and Emma took me gently by the cock which was rapidly rising to the occasion and pulled me onto her 'I want you in me' she whispered 'I want to feel you come inside me'. Not being one to dissapoint the ladies I obliged and slipped my rock hard cock inside her, her warm moist pussy engulfed my throbbing knob and I could feel her pussy muscles rippling up and down my shaft. I started slowly pulling my cock all the way out then slowly slipping it back in, each stroke went all the way till my balls were up against the crack of her pert little arse. 'Faster' she moaned 'faster' I began to pick up the pace slowly at first but gathering momentum on each stroke Emma reacted by lifting her arse to meet each of my thrusts 'yes' she cried 'more'. I was pumping away at her like a steam engine all the time getting faster and harder my own orgasm beginning to build in my balls when Emma cried out again 'harder, faster' suddenly she arched her back, held me tight and screamed as her orgasm gripped her again that was all it took to push me over the edge and I pumped what felt like bucket fulls of cum into her dripping pussy. 'Yes Chris, I want it all' she sceamed as wave after wave of spunk flowed from my raging cock and filled her pussy untill it all leaked out around my cock and dribbled onto my balls and then the crack of her arse.

We swam back to the boat and set sail back to the marina, after a while Emma sidled up to me and whispered 'do it to me again before we get back' autopilot was soon switched back on and I stood behind Emma reaching around so that I could hold those beautiful breasts again. I came up close behind her and she pushed her arse cheeks into my swollen knob, 'bend over' I said to her and she reached forward to grab a handrail pouting her pussy lips as she did so. My rampant cock soon found its way into her wetness once again and she pushed back so that I was soon buried deep inside her. It didn't take Emma long to begin her orgasm and as it started I slipped my thumb gently but firmly up her tight little arsehole and she screamed with pleasure as her orgasm took her, I continued shafting her from behind until agin I filled her juicy pussy with my cum.

When we got back to the villas Nicki said lets take a shower before dinner with Richard and Emma and she led me to the bathroom once naked Nicki dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth 'mmm I taste pussy' she said did you fuck Emma on the boat?'

(to be continued)