Written by refreshed

24 Oct 2006

Helen and I went on one of these quickie holidays to Tenerife and it has to be the best holiday we have ever had. Helen is not that keen on sex and we maybe have it once a month if I'm lucky and usually when she's had a drink.

We decided that we would go out and get our bearings when we arrived at the resort. We visited a few bars and had a few drinks since it was happy hour, but didn't want to drink too much before dinner. We met up with a really nice couple, about our age and found we had a great deal in common and decided to give dinner a miss and stayed on for drinks with John and Jane. As the evening went by Helen was getting merry by the glassful and Jane wasn't too far behind. The girls went of to the toilet and John & I carried on talking. When they got back they were giggling like two schoolgirls. The night was wearing on now and I suggested that it was time to go. Helen asked if joh and Jan could come back to our hotel for a nightcap, since they were staying in the hotle next door.

We arrived back at the hotel and went stright to the bar where a disco was in full swing. Helen asked the men to get the drinks while her and Jane had a dance, they joined us after they had a few dances and had managed to attract some male attention, as they were not overdressed by any means. Helen had a low cut top and short skirt and a white thong. Jane was wearing a min skirt, teashirt and black thong. Soon the slow music started and both Helen and Jane were invited up to dance by a couple of admirers, they made their way into the middle of the now crowded, darkened dance floor. They returned after 2 dances and took John and I up to dance. Helen appeared to be really turned on uncharacteristically said that she wanted to get screwed well and truly tonight. Who am I to complain about getting my monthly ration early. As we danced and kissed, I noticed that her thong had disappeared and I asked where it had gone. She said that the guy that had taken her up for the slow dance had removed it and had kept it, but would be happy to return it tomorrow night. Going into the second slow dance Helen wanted to swap places with Jane. Jane started to dance very seductively and her hand wandered down to my crotch and started to massage my now growing cock. I glanced over at Helen only to see her kissing John and having her bare arse felt by him. I thought what's good enoungh fro the goose is good for the gander, I always wondered where that saying came from. Jane and I then started kissing and my hand traced its way down to her bottom, where I lifted her skirt, only to find that she too had lost her thong, under what I assumed were the same circumstances. It was obvious by the time the dance finished that Jane was really turned on.

We met back at the bar with Helen and John had a chat and decided that we would adjourn to to our room for a nightcap. The girls were the first to go into the room. Helen straightaway removing her top and skirt and layed on the bed. Jane followed suit and lay on the other bed. Well Helen said, get your clothes off and come and do us. John was the first to strip and went over to the bed Jane was on, only for Jane to say no, you have to go and see Helen. As I was taking off my trousers, I saw John get onto Helen's bed nd start kissing her, before I had my pants off, she was groaning like made telling him to fuck her and fuck her hard. I went over to Jane, who grabbed hold of my now very erect cock and put it straight into her mouth. It was pure magic. I looked over to see John lining up his enourmous cock and thrust it into Helen moist cunt making her let out a cry. He then started pumping away and Helen was encouraging him all the way. My wife had never been with another man before except for me and it felt quite strange watching her give her all to a stranged. Jane now was getting really hot, so I turned her over, put a pillow ubder her stomch and fucked her doggie style. She was quite tight and it wasn't long before I could feel myself coming. Helen was looking over as I came and gave me the thumbs up, just before she came at the same time as John. We were now completely knackered. There was a knock at the door and I went to answer it only to find the 2 guys that had been dancing with the girls earlier. The first guy said they had been told to come to this room to return the thongs they had borrowed and that they would be looked after by the girls. Helen and Jane waved the guys in and they took up position where John and I had just been. Now these were young quys, at least 10 years younger, if not more and what stamina they had. Helen came at least twice and Jane probably more. Once they had finished Joh and I were back in there for another go. By the end of the night the girls had be fucked at least five times each and loved every minute. For the rest of the week, we followed a similar routine, but setting up 2 different guys each night. It was a great holiday andour sex life is now fantastic. Role on the next holiday.