Written by tracey

6 Apr 2004

my husband had booked us a last minute holiday in florida,with the couple we occasionally have a drink with(ann and des).all three of them are in their mid forties while im in my early thirties.

before we knew it we were arriving at our two bedroomed villa.

we were having an a wonderful time but very tiring(theme parks,shopping malls etc.)so during the last few days i wanted to enjoy the villa swimming pool and soak up some rays and generally just chill out.

my husband on the other hand wanted to visit more places,and decided that he, ann and des would continue to see the sites durung the mornings and then return in the afternoons.(this suited me fine and i settled for a few lazy mornings by the pool.

the last but one day des decided he wasnt feeling well enough to go out so my hubby and ann carried on without him.leaving him in the villa with me.

while relaxing in the pool i caught des looking through his bedroom window(which looked right over the pool)he was staring right at me.(now des is definatly not my type)but i felt my nipples harden straight away and poke against my wet bikini top.i got out and led down on the sun lounger,the sun felt really nice against my wet skin,but i coudnt help noticing des still staring at me.

after a short while des came into the pool and started swimming,he asked me to join him but i told him i was sunbathing.just then des jumped out and pulled me into the pool with him.he jokingly pretended to keep hold of me as i protested that i wanted to sun bath,the more i struggled the more his hands groped me,this went on for a few moments with me still with my back to him.

then i felt his right hand inside my bikini top.his hand brushed my tit and then back out.as i protested he did it again only this time,pulling hard on my sensitive nipple(my husband does this to me when he wants to turn me on very quickly)i gasped out load as i felt his left hand moving directly onto my left nipple,again he pulled very hard making me gasp even loader,once more i protested but he just pulled both my nipples even harder and told me i was gagging for it.

at that stage me and my hubby ahd only had sex once the whole holiday and i was in desperate need of cock,and with des pulling my ultra sensitive nipples just the way i like i was begining to put thoughts of my hubby to the back of my mind.

i pushed my bikini clad bum aginst des,s shorts to feel a very impressive hard on.

my hands found their way into his shorts and pulled on his solid cock,making him moan out.i slowly pulled his foreskin back and forth asking him was that what he liked.before he could answer he was sucking on my nipples and gently biting them this always makes me cum,and within a few moments i felt my underwater cunt cumming.

no sooner had i stopped cumming but he told me to get out and took off my bikini bottoms and procedded to lie me down on the sun bed with my legs wide open either side of the bed and licked me out.i orgasmed twice more on des,s tounge as he contined to tell me he knew i was gagging for cock.

when he finally pushed his hot cock into me i wanted to cum immediatly(i usually only cum a maximum twice with my husband!!) god i could feel every vein in his cock twitching inside me.he couldnt last very long and after a short while clenched his bum and told me i was gonna have all of his spunk deep inside me.

even though im not on the pill i wasnt about to stop des from filling my insides with his hot cream and yelled at him to fill me with it.

he grunted and groaned and then i felt him unload a torrent of warm liquid inside me.

he immediatly got up and went to the kitchen for a drink,i made my way to the bathroom to clean myself up but just as i was about to enter he stopped me,and asked me to keep my bikini on for the remainder of the day.but i told him that he had just well and truely filled me with his spunk and it would be running from me for the rest of the day.

exactly!!!! he replied thats why i want you to keep your bikini on.

reluctanly i agreed, and for the rest of the day and well into the evening as we sat around the pool and chilled out with our other halves, i continued to wear my bikini with a very smelly,spunky gusset. much to des delight!!!

ita a holiday i will never forget for obvious reasons!!!