Written by Gunter

28 Dec 2004

I used to work for a company that used to specialise in Home Deliveries, you know the sort beds, sofas, flat pack wardrobes that sort of thing and there was always two men. Anyway from time to time we had to do swap outs where an item had been supplied damaged or a part missing and then I normally went alone.I remember I went to a posh house in rural leictershire to deliver a wardrobe door and some fittings, The door was opened by a real stunner (she will know who she is when she reads this) I have changed her name so I will call her Jenny, she is about 30 yrs 5'8" lovelly boobs and was wearing a low cut top.

"Fancy a coffee or something" she said

I rather cheekily replied I will have the something, if it's on offer.

She unbuttoned her top and said

Oh yes I am most definately on offer, hubby's been away for 3 weeks only had my Rabbit for company need a real cock and need it now.

She took me to the bedroom and slowly stripped, I told her I wanted to taste her but she said later I am so wet I need you inside me now I can't wait. I shed my clothes and I climbed onto the bed and slid my cock into her hot wet pussy. I fucked her with long strokes and played with her clit as I did. Jenny came big time and if it had not been a detached house I am sure the neigbours would have heard. Atfer I came on her tits she said

Now we can do a 69 you taste me and i will taste you. Fortunately her house was the last call of the day and as I am self employed no one was going to chase me for time so I spent the night with Jenny and we made love a number of times. This happen last week, today I got a text message from her asking if I fancied a 3some with her sister in law I asked when and It is now arranged for 31st Dec I can't wait.