Written by Tom

30 Aug 2006

I left to go sailing for the day leaving my wife home alone. About half way to the lake I realized that I had forgot something that I need to start the motor, so I turned around and headed back home. As I came into view of my house I saw a car pulled up around the back of the house, just barely visable from the road. I didn't recognize the car, so I pulled into the driveway and let myself in the house. I was greeted by some load moaning coming from the back of the house. Just before running down the hall I heard my wife shout, fuck me harder! I was numb and turned on at the same time. As I slowly worked my way down the hall I heard more moaning and then a male voice said, you like this black cock don't you? I heard my wife say, yes fuck me with that big black cock of yours, I love the way you fuck me with it. What would your husband say if he knew you were fucking a black cock? I heard my wife say, I want him to see you fuck me with your black cock and let him watch you fill me up with your hot cum. I heard him moan again and say, here it is baby get ready. I heard both of them starting to fuck hard and I could hear his balls slapping my wifes ass until I could tell he had shot his load and had stopped moving. Shaking I let myself out of the house and left. To worked up to go to the lake, I went to a nearby bar and waited until it was my usual time to arrive home. My wife greeted me at the door and wanted to know how my day I had been. I told her, full of surprises. She looked at me funny but didn't say anything else. That night all I could thing about was my wife fucking her black stud. We started making love and for the first time I asked her if she had thought about having another man fuck her. She said no, but her pussy got hotter and then I asked her if she had ever thought about having a black cock in her pussy. She started fucking me hard and said, yea baby that turns me on, tell me more. I said I want to see you get fucked by a long black cock and have your lover shoot his hot cum up your pussy. We both started fucking hard and had a hard cum. Later that night, my wife rolled over and asked me if I was serious about what I had told her. I said yes I was, and that I wanted it to happen tomorrow. She asked me if I knew anyone and I said no, and then asked her if she did. She slowly said I might know someone that might me interested. She reached down and started rubbing my hard cock and put my hand on her wet pussy. But when I tried to fuck her she said we should wait. The next evening when I got home from work, she told me she had taken care of everything and that her black lover would be coming over shortly. She left to get ready while I poured us a drink. I almost dropped my glass when she came back out. She was wearing a short nightie with a lace bra and panties. She looked so hot. The door bell rang and I answered it. I was shocked to see my wife's boss standing at the door. He introduced himself and I asked him in and offered him a drink. We were making small talk when my wife came in and sat down next to her boss Mike. My wife then turned on the tv and started playing a video that showed a white women getting fucked by a black stud. As we were watching my wife and Mike started making out. Before long I had my cock in my hand watching my wife undress and then had Mike stand up and pulled his pants down. The black guy on the video had nothing on Mike as his cock was easily 10 inches long and very thick. My wife got on her knees and began to suck his cock for all she was worth. He looked over at me and said, I think she really likes my cock. With that my wife looked at me and asked me if I was ready to see her get fucked by her black stud as she took him by the hand and lead him down to our bedroom. 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