Written by Nick

28 Sep 2006

I was working a day shift this sunday just gone and was sent home early as my truck had a problem and wouldn't be fixed until that night. It was around 10am when i left work for home which is a 10 minute drive. I didnt ring the wife to tell her i would be early as i thought she might be having a lay-in seeing as it was sunday. She was definitely still in bed though..!!

I pulled up a bit further down my road as there was a car parked outside my house where mine normally goes. I just thought maybe the neighbours had visitors.

We never use the front door, so i made my way to the rear of the house via the driveway. The patio doors on the conservatory weren't locked so i made my way into the kitchen. It was at this point that i heard noises. I did'nt shout out anything just in case it was burglars or something.

I reached the bottom of the stairs and then i heard the unmistakable sounds of my wife cumming. I still didnt click and thought she had her vibrator out.

I proceeded slowly and quietly up the stairs on the off chance that the bedroom door was open, which it was.

It was at this point that my heart wanted to pop out of my mouth.

On her knees on our bed was my wife being fucked by one of my work mates, Kevin. She had on black hold up stockings, knee high red patent boots (that she only wore when i fucked her as they look like slut boots in her eyes..!!), red crotchless panties (id never seen them before) and a red bra which had been pulled up so her tits were hanging out. Kevin had hold of her hair and was pulling it back saying "i bet your old man dont fuck you as good as this, does he you slag". All my wife replied between the grunts and moans was "no one has ever fucked me as good as this".

I was frozen to the spot. I wanted to go in and punch the fuck out of Kevin but just couldn't move. It was then i noticed that dick was rock hard. I wasn't suppose to be excited. Here was my normally shy, quiet wife, being fucked like there was no tomorrow, and i had a raging hard on.

As i watched, Kevin pulled his cock out of my wifes cunt and then i see what he had that i didn't. It was about 10 inches long and so fat. My wife's pussy lips stayed open for what seemed like forever. He stood in front of her and told her to suck him. She done as she was told and managed to get quite a bit of that monster cock into her mouth. She then shocked me with what she done next. Kevin told her to "get her arse ready for him". She got a beer bottle and put it into her bumhole. Slim end first and then after a couple of minutes the wide end. She had never let me anywhere near her arse in the 10 years we'd been together.

She then took his cock out of her mouth, spat on the end of it and sat with her back to Kevin sliding onto his man meat which went up her arsehole. She moaned and bucked on that cock for a good 15 minutes and then kevin said that he was "going to cum, and that she knew what to do".

She slipped off of him and knelt in front of him and slowly wanked his dick barely getting her hand around it's shaft. After a couple of minutes he spurted what seemed like gallons of cum all into my wife's pretty little face.

When he stopped cumming he told her "scoop it up and drink it you fucking whore". She done exactly as she was told. She'd never swallowed my cum before.

I left quietly. Kevin left about 10 minutes later and i sat in my car for about an hour until i had the courage to go home.

My wife was still in bed when i went upstairs. She looked abit taken aback that i was in early, but gave nothing away. I gave her a kiss and she said "what do you fancy doing today?" I told her that i fancied licking her pussy to which she tried to stop me going down on her, but i forcefully opened her lags. She said "dont, please, i haven't had a bath yet" I told her i didnt care, i was just really horny. She relented and i started licking her swollen pussy which smelt so much of sex. I commented on her musky smell and she said that she'd had some pretty raunchy dreams and she must have gotten wet from that.

I never managed to fuck her then as i came from just licking her. She said it was ok as she didnt feel like penetrative sex anyway. And i know why i thought, after having that tool up you for god knows how long.

I see Kevin at work the next day and he asked how "the mrs" was. I said that i thought she might be coming down with something as she just slept for most of sunday.

He just laughed and smiled.

I want it to stop, but at the same time i dont, as i want my wife to be happy.

I guees that makes me a sort of cuckold.?