Written by Carol and John

13 Nov 2003

My wife, Carol and myself do not consider ourselves as prudes and are fairly broad minded. We have never swung or had sex outside our marrige. We fantasize alot when we fuck but that is far as it went. A few weeks back on a friday evening we went a couples only naturist sauna, where you could take your own alcohol. After awhile it was obvious what was happening, we spoke and went with the flow to see what happened. In the sauna most couples were rubbing and massaging each other, plenty of aroused cock for Carol to look at. After 20 minutes we decided to have swim in the pool to cool down. Couples in the pool were firmly embaced and one couple were definitly fucking doggie style. We joined another couple in the jacuzzi. We sat opposite them. Within minutes, Carol nudged me and whispher she was being foot fucked by the male. I smiled at the female, who then moved next to me and started to wank my prick. Her partner then movedcloser to her exposing his erect penis out of the water, she then bent over and gave him a blow job. He spunked into her mouth, she turned to me smiled, licked her lips and swallowed it all. They then got out of the jacuzzi. My prick was rock hard and Carol took my hand and placed on her pussy, telling me to give it a rub. She said she was desperate for a fuck. We then got out of the jacuzzi, still with my stiff prick and got into the pool. We started to have a kiss and cuddle, but did not really what to fuck in the pool. We got out and had a wander to an area where there were some private rooms. There were 3 or 4 blokes standing outside them. When we ooked into the bigger of the three ros, there where an orgy was happening. One woman was being fucked doggy style and sucking 2 pricks, one woman was on the couch on top fucking a bloke, while anothe bloke had his prick up her arse . Two women were doing a 69 on each other, with a bloke fucking one from behind. In the smaller rooms there were couple sucking and fucking. Seeing all that action your prick gets hard, so Carol and I squeezed into one of the small rooms,she sat on the bench and I got down and sucked her clit till she came. I then stood up and fucked her. It was quite a senatation fucking in front of other people. We then showered and had a few drinks to loosen ourselves up and spoke and decided to be brave and join in, in the orgy room later. Back in the wet area we went in the sauna, steam room, pool and jacuzzi. Plenty of tit and pussy for me to look at and some very well endowed men for Carol to look at. For about the next hour it was pure pleasure, were ever we went woman just wanked my prick of the men fingered Carol. At one stage the only way to get into the jacuzzi were for women to sit on erect pricks. Carol sat on at least 4 mens laps. One had a prick which was at least 12 inches long, which Carol tried to give a blow job to, but in the end assisted another women to give him a 2 handed wank, spraying his cum all over their tits. Near the end of the evening we went to the large room. I fucked a women, shooting my load up her. I was then kissed,massaged and sucked erect to end up fucking two more women. Carol was fucked by six pricks in the end and had hers tits sucked by two women. The best sight for me was when the bloke with the 12 inches fucked her, he just kept pumping away, she climaxed 3 times, while sucking 2 more pricks, who spunked over her face. We will be going back but will spend less time in the wet area and more time fucking....