Written by Jeff

23 Jul 2005

I live on a small modern estate with my wife of 20 years Sue. We don’t have kids, so are able to afford a few luxuries. We have a nice house, nice cars, and have good holidays. We are both mid forties.

The house is much the same as all of the others on the estate, and although modern, they are fairly well spaced and no one is on type of each other. Truthfully its MILF country. Most people fall into the Thirty five to fifty category. BMW in every other drive. People are friendly, but tend to keep themselves to themselves. We’ve been here 5 years and only really know our immediate neighbours.

Last week I had to take the car in for a service. I took the day off work, dropped the car off in the morning, and walked back home. It was a glorious day. 28 degrees forecast. Sue had gone to work as normal leaving me instructions to take it easy and have an easy day.

I pottered around. I had a few bills to pay, so walked down to the post box. Not normally being around during a week day, I was amazed at how quiet it was. On the way back, I passed one of the MILFS, 35 ish petite blonde, in her front garden. She had on a bikini top and some tiny shorts. The usual fantasy thoughts shot through my mind. Even though we had exchanged nods and waves before, we had never spoken. I stopped, we had a short chat. I explained I was home for the day etc, and how quiet it was. She told me her name was Jane and she was home everyday, but that it got quite boring, and how nice it was to have someone to talk to.

As we talked, the thoughts of an amazing shag with her just got more intense. My prick was starting to stir. I had to consciously stop myself staring at her crouch and tits. I hoped she hadn’t noticed. I made some excuse about having to get on, and started to walk away. I was truthfully on the way home for a wank, but I couldn’t tell her that. She called out, ‘ If you fancy a beer later, pop round.’ Bloody hell. How could I turn that down? I said OK, I’d see her later.

I got in the house and thought about having that wank, but thought if I see her again soon, it will only intensify the pleasure by waiting. Who knows, I might get lucky. I flashed round tidying up, put the washing on, just to free up time to go back and see Jane.

I made the bed up, glanced out of the window and noticed the couple in the house that side on to us, are out sunbathing in the garden. Spoken to them a few times, but couldn’t tell you their names. She is a fairly chunky piece that you probably wouldn’t look at twice, but she has an incredible pair of tits. I couldn’t resist a better look, so I moved around to the next bedroom and can’t believe what I am seeing. She has got her hand in his shorts, stroking him for all its worth. My semi hardon from the chat with Jane, is now full on.

I guess they figured no one was around during the week and wouldn’t be seen. I sat on the edge of the bed watching. After a few minutes I see her take her top off, and she pulls his shorts off. She starts to rub her tits over his cock. I’m not sure about him, but I was ready to explode. I can see what’s coming next. She’s got his prick in her mouth. I just don’t believe I am seeing this. I can’t quite see all, but it’s fairly obvious he is getting a blowjob. I’m desperate to get a better view, but the tree is just in the wrong place. A few minutes of manoeuvring to see more and I hear him groan and her jump back choking. She’s knelt up now and I can see her coughing out great gobs of cum. It’s dribbled down over her tits. My prick is about to explode, when the door bell goes…..

I can’t answer it with my prick poking out the top of my shorts. I go to the front of the house and look out of the window to see Jane leaving the drive. I called out, she turned around. ‘Ah, I thought you had forgotten. I’ve poured some beer and made a salad.’ ‘OK I said. 2 minutes. I’ll be there.’

I dive in the shower and chuck my pre-cum stained shorts in the wash. My hard-on just won’t subside fully. I get round to Jane’s. She’s put a t-shirt on over her bikini top and the shorts have been replaced by a mini combat skirt. I bet she saw me looking. God this is embarrassing. However that doesn’t stop me wondering if she is wearing anything under that skirt.

‘What kept you, I thought you had forgotten.’ I can’t tell her, I hardly know her, so I make some excuse about putting washing on etc. You could tell she had a good idea of exactly what kept me.

We chatted for a while and my eyes kept drifting up her skirt, desperately trying to find out if she was wearing panties. She suddenly asks, ‘Are you going to tell me what really kept you’. After a couple of beers my shyness has diminished and I tell her the story of the neighbours. I omit the bit about needing a wank. She’s says, ‘You should have come and got me, nothing exiting ever happens around here, well it does, but not to me.' Then in true Sharon Stone fashion, she faces me, opens her legs and says, ‘ Do you have a better view now?’

I think my mouth just dropped open, and yes she was wearing panties, but my prick didn’t seem to care any more. I froze. And said something stupid like ‘Yes, thank you.’ She then asks if I have any condoms. ‘Back at the house’ I reply. With that she stands up and eases her panties down from under her skirt and hands them to me. They are soaked. I instinctively held them to my nose, and stuff them in my pocket. I put my hand up her skirt to feel her soaking pussy. She is wet! Very wet. I had imagined her to be shaven, but it feels like a full bush. I still haven’t seen it. I start to finger fuck her while she stands there and within no more than a minute she is coming. Thank god she was quite. We are in the garden. Its absolutely sweltering.

I desperately need to shoot my cum. I pull my prick out of my shorts and she drops to her knees, puts her mouth is over the end. I know this isn’t going to last long. I’ve had a 2 hour build up. About 30 seconds. She pulled out, just as a gush of what felt like a pint of spunk shot from my prick. The first jet hit her square in the face, the next 4 or 5 splashed the front of her T-shirt and skirt. We both froze motionless for a while, with her dripping head to toe in spunk. She straightened herself up and said she needed to clean up, the kids would probably be home soon as well. She then said, Come back tomorrow, but not to forget the condoms.

Sue got home and asked if I had had a good day. ‘Yes’ I said, ‘quiet. The car won’t be ready until tomorrow. I’ll take tomorrow off as well’.

That’s another story.