Written by Spunklover

1 Mar 2005

Hello,my name is Susan and during any spell of warm weather I often strip off and fo into my back garden and enjoy the sunshine.As our garden is nicely fenced off with large fences my husband and I have often fucked outdoors and love the thrill of the open air as we enjoy each others bodies.Last summer there was a new neighbour moved in called Tony and he was in his 60's and had retired and spent most of the time in his garden playing with his dog and kept throwing his balls into my garden and obvoulsy climbed on a ladder to peek over the top of the fence and ask for them back.One day when he asked me I went up to the fence and could see a crack in the fence and I threw the ball back and peeked and was shocked as Tony had his trousers round his ankles and was wanking hard on a large cock which had a gorgeous pair of balls hanging down and I started to rub my pussy as I watched him mumble to himself and then he shot a huge wad of cum over his hand.I wish I could of had that in my mouth as I love drinking cum from cocks of all sizes,colours and ages and he then slipped his cock into his trousers and walked off.My legs had nearly given way as I found it a turnon thinking he was wanking off about me(I hope).Later that afternoon when Steve got home from work he said he ahd a surprsie for me.He led me to the bedroom stripped me naked and blindfolded me and then started to dress me and I could feel that I was now dressed in suspenders,stockings and a small top of some kind.He kissed me and said I looked gorgeous and took my hand and led me back into the garden.As we stood in the garden I soon felt a finger begin to rub my clit,and then I felt a tongue wriggling about down below.I put my hand on his shoulder as I felt it lap at my labia lips,but as it continued I thought it felt different to how Steve uses his tongue on me,but I didn't say anything.Then I felt two hands grab my bum and a hard erect cock was suddenly pressed against my cunt and then it slipped in easily as I was soaking wet.He pumped me good and hard as he slammed it in then pulled it out of my sopping wet hole,and when he thrust it back in I was having the fuck of my life.I have a lovely pair of 38ff's and these were swinging all over the place as he pumped me hard and I could feel them tingle with excitement and my nipples were like bullets.I loved feeling every inch of his cock inside me and groaned out loud and wondered if the neighbours would hear,but I was too far gone to care.Then Steve told me to sit on the garden wall and take his cock and I grabbed it and fed the meat offered into my hungry mouth.Li licked up and down the shaft and as I licked and sucked I could feel it was different to how Steves cock normally felt but again I carried on as it was so good in my mouth.As I carried on sucking his cock and playing with his dangling balls I felt him push the back of my head closer to his cock and he groaned and I was soon being pumped deeper than I ever had been by a cock and he then shot his spunk into my mouth and I managed to swallow a large amount,but quite a bit still dribbled down the side of mouth and onto my dangling tits.Steve then stood me up and removed my blindfold and I turned to look at him and saw he was fully clothed but standing next to him was Tony stark naked and smiling.He asked if I had enjoyed being fucked by a pensioner and I looked at Steve and I said yes and he walked towards me and fondled me and said I would be geting plenty more of his cock in the future if I wanted it and Steve said if I did I was free to fuck Tony whenever I wanted.Now Tony is a regular vistor to our bedroom and I sometimes spend the night over at his place and he has started to introduce one or two of his freinds to me and I make sure they don't leave with their balls full.I even sucked off an 82 yar old the other day and felt happy to give him pleasure he hadn't had for years.

So lock up your sons,husbands,uncles,grandfathers I am after asmuch spunk as possible.